Disney Cars Party Favors

disney cars party favor packageWith all of the Cars merchandise available on the market today, the hardest part can be selecting which favors you want to give to your party guests! The simple way to approach it is with the Cars party favor box ($4.99 each) from Celebrate Express. The striped box contains a sheet of Cars stickers, a Cars bounce ball, a Cars disc launcher and a Cars blowout, as well as a die cast car and a small gold trophy that looks just like the Piston Cup. Every party guest will be happy to carry this box full of Disney Cars toys home!

If you prefer a hands-on approach, you can put your own Cars party favor bags together at home easily with a few simple pieces. Pick up some party favor bags or small gift bags either in bright colors like the red of Lightning McQueen, or go for super cool and eco-friendly reusable canvas flames tote bags. Fill your goody bags with a variety of Cars and racing themed items; you can find a wide variety of choices at your local dollar store, or pick up some cool options like 3-D race car erasers or Disney Cars punch balls from Amazon.

If you are looking to create a party favor bag on a tight budget, there are some great free and low cost choices you can use to keep the favors affordable. Use affordable colored paper bags or even plain brown bags. You can pick up a Cars stamp set to turn your plain bags into Cars themed goody bags in no time. Fill them with affordable choices like free printable coloring pages, which you can roll up and tie with a string. Include a few crayons, either regular ones, or Cars themed crayons, which are $4.99 for 24 at Amazon, or which you can also often find at the local dollar store. Create your own Cars stickers by printing out Cars images onto sticker paper for your printer, which you can find at any office supply store. Finish off with a few small treats like candies or even homemade cookies.

There are plenty of other great Cars party favor options available, some of which don’t need to have a goody bag at all because they stand alone. Check out a few of these options:
disney cars party favor puzzle
Cars puzzles For a party favor your guests will really enjoy long after the big day is over, pick up some Cars 48-piece jigsaw puzzles, available for $29.99 for a package of six puzzles. That breaks down to about $5 per puzzle, about on par with other party favor options.

Cars die cast vehicles Official Cars die cast vehicles are available for just about every character in the movies, and are about $4.00 each. Let each child pick a Cars die cast model from a bag, or select one for each party guest yourself ahead of time.

Cars bandz. All the rage with kids these days, “silly bandz” are rubber formed into multiple shapes. Hand out a bag of Cars shaped bandz to each child or put a few in each goody bag.

Cars Look and find books. These mini Cars look and find books with give party guests a chance to continue the fun at home as they search the images inside to locate a list of hidden pictures.

Hopefully the ideas above provide a great starting point for your child’s birthday party favors.