Disney Cars Party Invitations

disney cars party invitations The invitation lets all of your guests know what kind of party fun they can expect, and it is the place where your theme should begin. You can make it easy on yourself by picking up some of the officially licensed Cars birthday party invitations, which sell for $3.49 for eight invitations at Celebrate Express. They feature Lightning McQueen on the front and match many of the other Cars party supplies available, including thank you cards. You can also find a selection of at least 5 different Cars invitations here from personalized to pop-up cards!

Homemade Disney Cars Invitations
You can also make your own Disney Cars Invitations with just a little creativity right in your word processor. Download some Cars clipart from Disney-Clipart.com and use the images to create a simple invitation that you can then print out onto card stock found at any office supply store. Make the invitation exciting with race-inspired wording like “Meet us at the finish line for a celebration!” Be sure to include all the necessary information as well when you fill in the text (Date, Time, Location, etc..). If you aren’t feeling creative, you can simply print out a pre-made Cars invitation from the Disney Stationary website and fill in the blanks for a fun invitation that costs a lot less.

Disney Cars Homemade Pop-Up Invitation
If you are feeling crafty and want your Cars invitations to really shine, try making a pop-up recreation of a famous cars scene. Start by printing out the Cars characters you would like to use onto heavy card stock (if it isn’t heavy enough they won’t stand up). Carefully cut out your characters, leaving a two inch long strip of card stock right underneath the bottom of each car. Next, print the invitation onto card stock, leaving room for your Cars scene on the inside of the card. Fold the strip of paper underneath the character so that it creates a stand, and then glue the strip into place on the inside of the card. When you close the card, the characters should lie flat, and pop up when it is opened. It sounds complicated to create but after the first one or two their fairly simple.

Wheel or Tire Birthday Homemade Invitation
Wheel invitations are another fun and easy homemade party invitation for a Disney Cars themed party. Fold a piece of black construction paper in half and then cut it into a wheel shape starting and ending at the folded edge (it won’t be a full circle). Be sure to leave enough of the card connected to keep it together and allow it to open and close. Cut the edge of the circle into a pattern resembling tire treads or in the shape of a steering wheel. Using a white crayon or silver marker, write the words “Roll on over for a birthday party!” around the front of the card. On the inside you can provide all of the details of the party date, time and location.

Disney Cars Ticket Invitations
The final Cars invitations to consider is a VIP ticket invitation. Since the theme is based upon a movie you can send out ‘VIP tickets’ to the party. The kids will love these as they look super official and have the Disney Cars theme right on the ticket. Best of all they look and feel fantastic!
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Fun Cars Themed Pre-Party Activity
A fun pre-party cars activity is to purchase a Cars Party Puzzle before the party. When you send out the invitations include a piece of the Cars puzzle in each invitation. In the invitation tell them to color it as they want and to bring it back for the party. When everyone’s arrived have the kids assemble the puzzle to see what cool looking image they create! This is a super fun activity that doesn’t take much work but the kids will love!