Disney Cars Party Food and Snack Ideas

disney cars party paper plates Inside your pit area, you can set up some delicious and thematic snacks for your guests to enjoy. There are plenty of fun food ideas that are easy to create for your party and that your party guests will absolutely love. Check out some of these great Cars themed food and snacks.

Mater’s junkyard nuts and bolts
Make a party mix of straight pretzels, small round crackers, cheerios, crispix and nuts. Toss them in a small amount of olive oil and then in a light spice mix such as Mrs. Dash or a mixture of your own favorite spices and bake in the oven on low heat (200F) for an hour. Serve it up as the nuts and bolts that have fallen off all of the old cars in Mater’s junkyard. Encourage party guests to guess which part of a car each piece of the snack mix might be, and where it came from.

Whitewall and black tire cookies
Lightning McQueen gets fitted with a set of classic whitewall tires during a visit to Luigi’s Casa Della Tires. Create easy whitewall tire cookies by splitting open Oreo cookies. Carefully remove a small circle of the white filling from the center of the cookie to be the hub of the tire. Take the side of the cookie without any filling and place a dab of white frosting in the middle to create a black tire. Serve them on a tray intermingled so your guests can choose their preferred tire. You can also create a similar look with white chocolate and Oreos so you don’t have to mess with splitting the Oreos in half!

Checkered flag sandwiches
Make two sets of sandwiches, one on white bread and another on a dark bread such as rye or simply whole wheat, although a darker bread will make the image more pronounced. You can fill them with whatever you like, and even make a variety of different fillings from peanut butter and jelly to ham and cheese. Remove the crusts and trim each sandwich to a square. Cut each sandwich into four smaller squares. Then place them on a serving tray switching back and forth between the dark and the light sandwiches, until you have a rectangle that looks like a checkered flag. Place a checkered flag pick ($5.00 for 24 on Amazon) into each sandwich piece to make them easier to pick up. Note: if you suspect anyone with peanut allergies than obviously avoid peanut butter and jam sandwiches.
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Cozy Cone Motel ice cream treats
For desert you will obviously want you Disney Cars theme birthday cake. However, you can also serve this tasty themed treat! Serve up the ice cream in a different way at your Cars party by re-creating Sally’s Cozy Cone Motel, where McQueen stays while he is in Radiator Springs. Using white frosting, pipe the words “Cozy Cone” onto sugar cones turned upside down. Scoop ice cream into a bowl and set the cone point side up into the ice cream.

Beverage re-fueling station
Make a dark-colored punch using grape juice or another dark liquid to resemble gasoline. Cola or root beer also work well. Purchase a new, clean squirt bottle and some small flexible tubing. To create your fueling station you need to find flexible tubing to fit the top of the squirt bottle. The best thing to do is to take the top of the squirt bottle along and find tubing that fits snugly onto the tube extending from the squirt nozzle. You can often find such tubing at either hardware stores or pet supply stores where it is used for fish tanks. Put your punch in a large container such as an old water cooler bottle or picnic water carrier and place the end of the tubing into the liquid. Party guests can re-fuel their beverages by pumping the liquid into the bottle than into their cups. Alternatively, and an idea that looks great is to use a brand-new self-priming siphon kit where the kids just need to pump from a large container into their cups!

Finally, don’t forget to get Cars themed paper plates, cups and napkins to decorate the table and most importantly to make clean-up much easier. Hopefully these ideas for Disney Cars themed party food and snacks ideas help to create a great party.