Disney’s Cars Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

disney cars lightning mcqueen cakeThe cake is always the star of the show at any birthday party, and when you bring it out with candles aglow, you want everyone to be amazed. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options for a Cars themed birthday cake that will have all your party guests talking. The best part is that you don’t need any cake decorating expertise to make most of these fabulous cakes come alive.

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Cake
With the Wilton Lightning McQueen cake pan, you can bake up a cake in the shape of Lightning McQueen himself. Decorating this cake might take a little time and patience, but it will be well worth the effort when you carry your masterpiece out to the birthday boy or girl. To make it simpler you can actually buy a Lightning McQueen cake pan set which includes the cake pan, icing, decorating instructions and more! The final product with this cake is quite stunning!

Race Day cake
Take your cake to the Piston Cup and find out who wins the race! Bake the cake of your choice in an oval cake pan, and then make up a batch of green icing and one of chocolate. Around the edge of the cake make a thin layer of green. Then create a wider strip of the chocolate icing, which will be the race track. Finally, fill the center in with green again to indicate the grass. Top the cake by adding Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks and the King die cast cars racing around the track. Alternately, you can use the race scene cake topper.
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Disney’s Cars Cupcakes
Cupcakes are a popular choice for birthday parties because they are the perfect single serving size and fun to eat as well. For another easy cupcake option, decorate each cupcake with a band of chocolate frosting around the edge, and then add white spokes leading out from the center to turn each cupcake into a little racing wheel.

Cars Cupcake Cake Topper
For a simple set of Cars birthday cupcakes, frost your cupcakes however you like, and then use these easy cupcake toppers featuring Lightning McQueen and Mater to finish the look.
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Piston Cup-cakes
Bake your cupcakes in baking cups. When they have cooled, set each cupcake carefully on top of an upside down Dixie cup that has been painted gold or wrapped in gold foil. Use a toothpick through the bottom of each cup and into the cupcake to hold it in place. Remove the baking cup and frost your cupcakes with yellow frosting, and add the final touch by creating handles from pretzels broken carefully in half, one on each side of the cupcake. Sink the curved top of the pretzel into the frosting to hold it in place.

Cars Cupcake Edible Image Topper
another great Cars cupcake option is to create cupcakes with edible image toppers. Simply bake the cupcakes and ice as usual then add the edible image topper to create personalized images of Disney Cars!
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Of course, if you’ve chosen for a simple pre-made cake you can top it off with the perfect candle. There are a number of great candle options available. The Cars logo candle by Wilton also features Lightning McQueen and is perfect for any of the Cars birthday cakes.