Olivia the Pig Party Invitations

Olivia the pig party invitations
Every great party begins with fabulous invitations to get the kids excited about the birthday girl or boy’s big day. You can order pre-made Olivia the Pig invitations or you can make personalized ones yourself.

If you want to head in the pre-made direction, march on over to CelebrateExpress. This website offers very cute invitation cards featuring the spunky Olivia in her signature red dress with her arms up in the air looking very excited. In red lettering next to the loveable piglet are the words “It’s My Biggest Big Day!” There is space to write all the fantastic party details on the inside. These invitations come 8 in a set (with envelopes!) for $3.59. Check them out here.

Custom Olivia the Pig Invitation
You can also find fun custom Olivia birthday invitations. A custom invitation offers customization possibilities with your birthday girl or boy’s name, picture, and all the specific details printed on the invitations and sent right to your door. Check them out below.
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Homemade Olivia the Pig Invitations
If you have some time and craft materials on hand, you can also make your own personalized Olivia the Pig party invitations.

Handmade Idea #1
Take a piece of red card stock and cut it in half. Fold each piece of card stock in half so you have a card-style invitation. Punch a white piece of paper with a single hole punch. Glue the white dots in a border on the front of the invitation and also glue some randomly inside so you have a cute polka dot design. Print out a fabulous picture of Olivia and glue it to the front of the invitation. Print up the party details in a red font suitably awesome for Olivia and your birthday girl or boy, and glue to the inside.

Variation: Print out or glue on a large picture of Olivia onto white card stock and cut along the edges so that Olivia’s figure is free of the surrounding paper. Include the party details in red and black on the back.

Handmade Idea #2
Create a large pig’s ear out of pink construction paper and glue to a folded piece of card stock. You can create a template out of card-board and then have your daughter cut out the construction paper! Include a saying like “Do I hear something about a birthday party?” On the inside of the card, include your birthday girl or boy’s favorite image of Olivia and/or the cast with the party details written or typed in black and red.

Handmade Idea #3
If you have access to computer imaging software, you can make a neat, professional invitation yourself. Use a picture of Olivia, and various black, white and red color scheme options such as stripes, polka dots or fancy borders. You can add a circular picture of your birthday girl or boy’s smiling face, and all the party details in pretty cursive, red-colored lettering. You can include a saying like “Olivia invites you to Alyssa’s birthday party,” or just make the theme clear with the color scheme and Olivia’s picture, and then use your favorite birthday party announcement slogan.

Hopefully these ideas help you to create a terrific Olivia the Pig party invitation. Remember, while planning the invitations you should consider the Olivia the Pig thank you cards. If you hosted a Olivia party how did you create the invitation? Let us know in the comments below!