Olivia the Pig Party Food and Snack Ideas

olivia the pig paper cupsIn addition to the traditional party food that your birthday girl or boy will want to see on the table, there are some great Olivia-inspired additions that help you stay on theme and – most importantly – that the kids will love. Don’t forget to decorate the table for the kids with lots of pink, red and white. You can also purchase Olivia the Pig paper plates, cups and napkins to keep clean-up a little easier. For a fun activity at the table you can purchase Olivia activity placemats which has a cool picture of Olivia on the front and fun games to play on the back!

Olivia Inspired Food
There are a lot of red foods to make use of, so pick the birthday girl or boy’s favorites. You can also make them mini-sized to add a cute touch and make the food the perfect size for little hands. Examples include mini bruschetta bites, spaghetti with tomato or meat sauce (or if you think the kids will eat it, you can offer Alfredo sauce as well for the contrasting red and white), red Jello, watermelon (very cute when a melon baller is used), strawberries and cream and sun dried tomato dip. A very fun idea that kids absolutely love is heart shaped pizzas by simply shaping the dough in a shape of a heart.

Olivia Inspired Drinks
There are some fun red drinks you can offer your guests such as various strawberry flavored sodas and fruit punch. By adding a little red dye to Sprite or 7-Up, you’ve got a great red spritzer. You can also offer a drink inspired by one of the Olivia spin-off books – lemonade. In this book, Olivia starts a lemonade stand. The birthday guests can help her beat the competition (Francine) by drinking Olivia’s lemonade. You can keep the lemonade either its natural color or serve pink lemonade as well.

Olivia Inspired Sweet Treats
You can bake heart shaped sugar cookies, and make numerous variations with colored or white icing and edible sprinkles, hearts, and glitter. Be sure to use a heart-shaped cookie cutter as cutting individual shapes is much too time-consuming.

You can also make easy Oreo cookie suckers for a really neat treat. Simply melt chocolate (white is a great choice for an Olivia party), and get out a bag of Oreos. Separate the two Oreo halves, dip the end of a sucker stick into the melted chocolate, press it into the Oreo filling, and then put the removed Oreo half back on. After this has been allowed to dry for a few minutes, dip both sides of the cookie into the melted chocolate until completely covered. Place cookie pops on a wax paper covered cookie sheet, and decorate with red sprinkles, candy hearts, or drizzle chocolate over the pops. Let dry (stick them in the frig or freezer if you need to hurry things up), and serve! You can set them out on a red plate or wrap them up in cellophane bags with red, white, and black ribbon.

You can also offer something really unique by making or ordering fortune cookies. Include Olivia’s Rules of Life and/or rules you make up yourself. When you get the fortune cookies or you have made them, you can dip the ends in chocolate (both regular and white) and add red edible accents. You will stay with the theme with these little treats, and the kids will love cracking them open to see which Rule of Life they get.

Hopefully this helps you create terrific Olivia party food. If you hosted an Olivia party, what food did you serve? Let us know in the comments below.