Olivia the Pig Party Games and Activities

olivia the pig pinataThe best parts of any birthday party – other than eating cake and opening presents – are the games and activities. Olivia the Pig offers many creative opportunities to make up some brand new games for your guests to enjoy or to put a piggy twist on old classics.

Olivia Forms a Band
In one of the Olivia books, the rambunctious, ever-creative piglet decides to form a one-pig rock band using any noise making household material she can find such as pots and pans, her brother’s toys and her dad’s suspenders. If you have understanding neighbors, pick a collection of suitable items that you don’t mind letting kids play around with. Make sure there are at least enough choices so that each guest gets one object. Then, begin conducting the kids and let them make music as they see fit. You can even record it for them to play back!

Olivia the Pig Pinata
A fun activity at any party is a pinata and this is no different with an Olivia the Pig pinata. A pinata is a great activity as the rambuicous kids get to hit something to get candy and toys out! The Olivia the Pig pinata is a pull-string pinata which means it’s super durable so all the kids will get a chance to hit it. Then the kids pull a string to release the goodies!

Dance Party or Soccer Game
Olivia loves to dance and play soccer, so you can feature one of these activities at your birthday girl or boy’s bash. If you have an older group and enough space, soccer is always a fun activity. If your guests are younger, or you don’t have a big backyard or convenient park access, set the groove with some kid friendly music and let the little tykes dance their heart out just like Olivia.

Olivia Paper Dolls
Olivia the Pig paper doll templates are available for download. Give a set to each guest, and make sure safety scissors are available. Let the kids create and decorate their paper dolls. You can include extra craft items for the guests to add their own personal touches to the paper doll as they dress Olivia in various cute red outfits from the series.

olivia the pig role play set
Story Time
The birthday girl or boy can pick out her or his favorite Olivia the Pig storybook or cartoon episode to read or watch. If you use the book and depending on the age of the kids, you can involve the whole group by having each child read a sentence. A fun activity is to have the kids act out the image on that page or sounding just like Olivia. If the kids want to watch Olivia episodes, make the T.V. into your own personal theater (after all, Olivia loves theater and drama) by hanging a red curtain in front of the T.V. and pulling it aside when the episode starts.

Olivia Puppet Theater
A fun variation to the story time activity is to construct an Olivia puppet theater and act out the birthday girl or boy’s favorite story. It’s very simple to put together. All you need is a shoebox, printable puppet theater backdrops, and images of Olivia and the characters you want to include. Put the shoebox on its side and cut out a section of what is now the bottom so you can move the characters around within the box. Cut and tape or glue a backdrop into the shoebox. Cut out the Olivia characters and glue to Popsicle sticks (or other stick options such as chop sticks or colored craft sticks). Once you have got this all set up, you’re ready to put on the show! Either you can put a show on for the kids, or everyone can get involved in the story. The guests can do a story everyone knows, or make one up themselves! This also makes a great craft and then Olivia party favor!

Classic Games with a Piggy Twist
Any fun party game like musical chairs, hot potato, tag or relay races can fit into the Olivia the Pig theme. Just make sure to include color themed objects or a pig figure for hot potato to stay on theme. Relay races can include things like putting on a red dress and taking it off, passing a red and white stripped stick among the players, or passing a hat with pig ears. Sack races can be lots of fun when you include pig themed objects and noises. Dressing up like little piglets is always fun and taking that activity further, your party guests can try and play Twister in their outfits.

This is a fun low-key activity for kids of all ages. You can download or buy Olivia the Pig coloring pages and pass them out to all the guests. Depending on what you want to do, you can give them uninhibited coloring time with all the crayons, or limit them to the colors used in the Olivia the Pig series, particularly red. You can combine the two options by instructing the children to only color what they feel is the most important parts of the picture in red. When everyone is done, you can compare the pictures for some interesting and fun results.

Have you hosted an Olivia the pig party? If yes, what games did the kids play at your party?