Olivia the Pig Party Favors

olivia the pig party favorsKids love party favors, and there are a lot of cool options for an Olivia the Pig themed party. Whether you want to buy favors, make your own, or include activities at the party where the guests make their own favors, remember to keep things in the color scheme and keep things fun just like Olivia would love – and, guess what? Your guests will love them too!

Pre-made Favors
Head over to CelebrateExpress for some very nifty pre-made Olivia party favor boxes. The box itself has red and white polka dots and stripes and, of course, features Olivia in all her glory. Inside, your eager guests will find an Olivia sticker sheet, Olivia notepad, pink brush and heart mirror set, mini star wand, princess tiara, assorted-color body glitter, and a box of 4 crayons. You can get all of this cool stuff for only $4.99 per box, check them out here. If your party involves guests younger than 3 years old, the website does not recommend handing out these favors due to the small parts. If that is the case, you can still buy the nifty favor boxes (they will be empty!) and fill them with age appropriate favors.

Olivia-inspired Pictures
A fun activity and party favor is Olivia-inspired photos! Each guest can get their picture taken either when they first come in or before they go home. If your birthday girl or boy has an Olivia plushy figure, each guest can pose with Olivia herself. Another option is to print out a favorite Olivia image and get it blown up to poster size at the local copy shop for the kids to pose by. A slightly different but fun option is to have a large empty picture frame that is ornate enough to be cool but light enough for the kids to hold. The kids can than take a picture with their heads in the frame and you can include an Olivia themed background with red and white stripes and dangling or stuck on hearts. If you have time and equipment print off the pictures and pop them into the party favors bags before the kids leave or include them in the thank-you cards!

Olivia Themed Bracelets
Kids love working with beads and creating something they can take home and wear long after the party is over, so why not an Olivia themed bracelet? Create craft pouches containing black string and red and white beads. You can include letter beads for each guest to spell out her or his name. The Olivia theme is represented in the colors, and the kids can have fun stringing the name bracelets or adding random beads if you provide an assortment. When they’re done, an adult can help the kids tie the bracelet’s ends together, and now the guests have a great favor to remember the party by! You can purchase a bracelet kit to help get all the supplies at one time!
olivia the pig t-shirt
Olivia the Pig Playdough
What kid doesn’t love playing with Playdough? Give classic Playdough an Olivia twist by buying or dying Playdough red, and add glitter for a fun, sparkly touch. You can make cute gift containers with red hearts and black bows, so once the guests are done playing, they can take the Playdough home as a party favor.

Finally, if price isn’t an issue than the perfect party favor is an Olivia t-shirt which is a bright pink shirt with polka-dots and a picture of Olivia in a pretty red dress. The kids will love wearing the shirt long after the party!

Have you hosted an Olivia the Pig party? If so, what did you give out as party favors? Let us know in the comments below!