Olivia the Pig Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

olivia the pig cake topperWhether you want to do a traditional birthday cake or offer cupcakes, you have a lot of great options ranging from pre-made to easy homemade to slightly more complicated homemade.

Olivia the Pig Figurine
A very simple but fun idea is to bake a cake with red and white decorations (if the birthday girl or boy likes the idea, a fabulous cake to use for the inside is red velvet) and then purchase Olivia the Pig figurines from Amazon. All you have to do is stick the figures into the cake and – voila! – it’s ready to go!

Olivia the Pig 3D Cake
To make a really fun and not too difficult 3-D cake, bake a 9”x13” cake and a bowl cake (5” diameter is best). Use a picture of Olivia as a guide, and cut the shape of her body out of the large sheet cake. This 3-D cake works best for an image of Olivia lying down, such as Olivia sunbathing. Attach the bowl cake on Olivia’s stomach area with icing. Cut triangle pieces from the extra cake bits and stack 2 or 3 on top of each other with frosting holding the pieces together to create Olivia’s snout. Use colored icing and pastry tools to create Olivia’s swimsuit and details such as her face, snout, feet, and hands. It’s a little complicated to explain and create but look terrific done correctly!

olivia the pig pancake panOlivia the Pig Cake Pan
You can also make a cake in the shape of Olivia’s head with her nice long ears. To do this, bake two cakes in 8” round pans. Use one cake as Olivia’s head, and cut the other cake to make her ears and triangular snout. Attach the cut pieces to the headpiece with icing. Make a white icing of your choosing, and add a few drops of red food coloring to get pink. Cover the cake with the pink icing, making sure to leave some left in the bowl. Add a few more drops of red food coloring to the left over icing to make a darker pink to add onto the end of Olivia’s snout and for the inside of her ears. You can add Olivia’s facial features with chocolate icing or keep things really simple and use shoestring licorice. If this is too complicated you can personal Pig-shaped cakes using a Pig Pancake pan.

Olivia the Pig Edible Image Topper
One of the easier and better looking cakes is decorating the cake with an Edible image topper. The edible image topper is simply applied to an iced-sheet cake.
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Olivia the Pig Cupcakes
If you want to do cupcakes, you have a few options. You can use a red velvet cake mix and frost the cupcakes with white and chocolate frosting. You can then add edible red accents such as sprinkles, glitter, or candy hearts. If you’ve got a pastry bag set on hand, you can take things up a notch by decorating the cupcakes with hearts, flowers and other cute designs. You can also purchase similarly decorated cupcakes, particularly if your little one happens to have a birthday around Valentine’s Day or the holidays.

Olivia the Pig Cupcake Toppers
Another great option for your Olivia the Pig cupcakes is using a pre-made cupcake topper. You have two main options either a Cupcake topper or edible image topper. The cupcake topper is typically a plastic decoration or pick which you put into the iced cupcake for decoration. The other option is an edible image topper which you add to the top of the cupcakes for decoration! We have listed a few of these options below.
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Hopefully this article gave you plenty of ideas to help you create the Olivia the Pig themed party for your son or daughter that will be memorable. If you hosted an Olivia the Pig party how did you make the cake? Let us know in the comments bloew!