Olivia the Pig Party Decorations

olivia the pig pinata
There are a lot of neat and easy options to turn your home or backyard into an Olivia-inspired world that will have your birthday boy or girl – and the guests – positively squealing with glee. Just remember the main Olivia color scheme – white, black and red – in all your decorations and you can’t go wrong. You can also include various Olivia and pig elements in the decorated areas as well.

Basic Party Supplies
Every party needs plates, cups, utensils, party hats and other basic decorations. If you want to buy official Olivia the Pig party supplies, click on over to CelebrateExpress. You can get an Olivia Basic Party Pack which includes 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, a red tablecloth and 18 balloons in the Olivia colors. You can also purchase various add-ons such as curling ribbon, crepe paper rolls, confetti, and cake candles. If you want to have everything come in one convenient package, you can also purchase Olivia the Pig party favor.

A great recommendation for this and any themed party is to buy some plain party supplies and add-in some some official Olivia the Pig products. This will save you money and still keep the party theme as a central part of the decorations! For example, you can purchase cost-efficient red plastic plates, white napkins, black cups and then provide official Olivia activity placemats and/or party hats.

Cool Extras
Celebrate Express also offers a neat Olivia centerpiece or an Olivia the Pig Pinata. However, the star of many Olivia parties is the gigantic removable wall stickers. These are great because it sets the mood and with such great size the kids love it! Plus, after the party you can decorate your child’s room with it!

Decorate the Food Table
If you don’t have an Olivia themed tablecloth, you can set up your table with a white or red tablecloth, use white plastic chairs, and tie a big red bow around the back to give your party a nice elegant look. Throw some heart confetti on the table and add a few vases of red and/or white roses and tulips with white and black striped bows tied around the vases to complete the set up. You can also add a pretty red and white “Happy Birthday” banner that you can print from your computer or purchase a personalized olivia party banner (shown below).
olivia the pig party banner

Amazon has some really cute small stuffed pigs in red, pink and white colors with contrasting hearts embroidered all over them. These would make darling additions to the table, food area or any other area of the party that needs a little touch of Olivia magic.

Homemade Olivia the Pig Party Decorations
There are myriad ways to go all out and have a truly fabulous Olivia experience. Instead of buying standard Olivia party hats, why not buy red and/or white party hats, make pig ears out of pink felt and attach the ears to the hat. Be sure to include a jaunty red bow tied at the top of each ear – the bigger the better!

Olivia inspired Wreath
Create a jaw dropping Olivia-inspired wreath to use as a great decoration by getting a Styrofoam wreath and tying ribbons, red feather boas and red roses to the Styrofoam. This would look really neat attached to a hanging light fixture, as you can position the wreath at the light end of the fixture and then add additional ribbons and roses up towards the chain. If you don’t have this type of light fixture in your party area, it looks equally cool attached to the ceiling, wall, or front door (a surefire way to let everyone know that your house is the place to be for the awesome Olivia the Pig party). To add extra embellishments or accents, you can create streamers of red hearts cut out of shiny and glittery paper to hang from the ceiling or down the walls.

Hopefully these decoration ideas help to create a perfect decorated party venue. If you hosted an Olivia the Pig party let us know how you decorated it in the comments below.