Dinosaur Party Activities and Crafts

dinosaur party maskEvery party should include a special area where children can venture off to be creative (with some adult supervision). Set up an easily accessible craft area where children can go to draw with markers, gel pens, or crayons. Add a few dinosaur-themed coloring pages, or dot-to-dots; you can print a few activity sheets here. Another idea is to purchase a few inexpensive dinosaur coloring books to set out which can also double as part of their party favor.

If you’re looking for some 3-dimensional fun, which kids absolutely love, than give each guest an individual portion of Crayola Model Magic. Tell the kids to make their best Dinosaur. Model Magic dries fast, so kids must shape and mold it into the shape they want pretty quickly. Encourage them to squeeze, poke, and pinch the dough to create a unique, never-before-seen dinosaur. Then, let children paint or color the dinosaurs and have them add googly eyes, feathers, or anything they choose. Be sure to label the dinosaurs with each child’s name so he or she can take it home (Suggestion: Tie a string around the dinosaur’s leg, and fold a sticky label with the child’s name on it around the string.)

Another fun 3D project is a color your own dinosaur kit. The kit comes with a ready-to-assemble T-Rex dinosaur that the kids simply have to color and fold to make their very own colored T-Rex!

Finally, you can let the children experiment and play with creating their own Dinosaur mask. Using a regular paper plate (backwards) cut out two eye-holes for the kids. Then let the children decorate with whatever they want including a variety of inexpensive craft items that you can use: cotton balls, craft feathers, puff balls, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and so on.) They can also experiment with dinosaur stamps, peel and stick foam dinosaurs, and themed stickers. Once done tie a piece of string and let the kids wear their masks! You can also buy a pre-made dinosaur mask kit if you don’t have the time to put together the mask items.