Dinosaur Party Favors

dinosaur trex party favors Luckily with a Dinosaur themed party the party favors are the easiest part! You can find almost anything in the shape of a dinosaur and this includes small dinosaur toys for under $3 that the kids will love. You can simply fill a bag with these little toys and some candy and you’re done. If you’re looking for something easier and a little more organized than you can buy Dinosaur themed party favors. We have listed three dinosaur themed party favor packs below.

  • Dinosaur Party Favors – This party for kit is dinosaur themed and includes Dinosaur Party stickers, Notepad, Pencil, figure, Tattoo book and Lunch box (as seen to the right)! This kit is a bit more expensive but the kids will absolutely go wild over it! Check it out here.
  • Dinsosaur TRex themed Party favors – The TRex themed parvors are in a more “Jurassic Park” theme. The kit includes dinosaurs sticker sheet, toy binoculars, an assorted dino nose, Zotz candies, an assorted-color glow stick and 2 tattoos. Check it out here.
  • Lil’ Dinosaut Party favors – The Lil’ Dinosaur party favor kit is intended for younger aged kids. The kit includes a Little Dino favor box, sticker sheet, blowout, glitter bounce ball, creative dough, cookie cutter, and primary activity book with 4 jumbo crayons. Check it out here.

Homemade Dinosaur Themed Party favor bags
Putting together your own Dinosaur themed party favors is easy. Simply, find a gift bag to place all the items and decorate it with a dinosaur theme. This can be done using a Dinosaur stamp or stickers. Next, place a few dinosaur themed items in the bag. This can include the ever-popular mini plastic toy dinosaurs and the Grow-your-own Dinosaur. Finally, add a few Dinosaur candies and if you baked Dinosaur cookies add them to the party favor bags too! To finish the bags write each child’s name on the bags so they don’t get them mixed up!

If you’re stuck on what Toy Dinosaur to add to the bag here is a great list of dinosaur toys for under $3.