Dinosaur Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

dinosaur birthday cakeThe birthday cake is one of the main features of any kids birthday and this is no different with a Dinosaur party. Luckily, you have lots of different options for your Dinosaur cake from simple and easy to more difficult!

Dinosaur Shaped Cake
One of the best and coolest looking cakes is making a cake in the shape of a Dinosaur. Luckily, there are plenty of different Dinosaur cake pans. We have listed the best dinosaur cake pans below, simply click on a link to see the cake pan details. We recommend choosing your child’s favorite dinosaur and creating that cake!

Dinosaur Egg Cake
Kids know that Dinosaurs laid eggs to create baby dinosaurs. You can re-create a dinosaur lair by making a Dinosaur egg cake. Simply, buy several dozen donut holes with sprinkles. You can also buy plain donut holes, frost, and add sprinkles yourself. You can then stack them up on a platter and stick some dinosaur candles on top. It’s very creative and a cake that the kids will never see again!

Dinosaur Birthday Cupcakes
Dinosaur cupcakes are another way to create a fun birthday cake. You can simply bake a regular cupcake and add a cupcake topper to make personalized cupcakes for each of the kids. You can also buy dinosaur cupcake pans which make cupcakes in the shape of a dinosaur! The kids will absolutely love these!
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