Dinosaur Party Decorations

dinosaur pinata
Putting together the decorations for a Dinosaur party is no small task. Luckily, you can use plenty of Dinosaur party supplies and other dinosaur stuff to create a truly Rawwrrring experience! You’ll need the basic supplies for this party, including table settings, decorations and preparations for the games or activities.

Start with a dinosaur tablecloth (if you can’t find a design you like, look for a dinosaur sheet or shower curtain). Then, choose your plates, napkins, cups, and silverware; there are lots of designs and patterns to choose. A cost saving suggestion is to purchase a Dinosaur Party Pack as it comes with all the supplies necessary at a lower cost.

You may want to pick a color to go with your dinosaur decorations – something bright and bold to add a little color your party environment. If you having trouble finding a color that matches, just use your birthday child’s favorite colors! Scatter some plastic or plush dinosaurs around the place, on the table, or anywhere. Add some dino-shaped confetti on the dining table, too.

dinosaur footprint cut-out To decorate your venue, add some dinosaur signs and posters or a path of dinosaur footprints on the ground. To create Dinosaur footprints simply print off a picture of this dinosaur footprint (click on the image to the right) from Everything Dinosaur. After it’s printed you can trace it onto a cardboard piece for easy to follow cut-outs or print off multiple copies. You can use different color of paper to create different Dinosaur footprint colors! You can even get the kids to cut these out!

Make a real Jurassic scene with some green streamers hanging from the ceiling as vines, a few fake bushes, and some inflatable palm trees. You can even hang a Dinosaur Pinata from the ceiling to help with the mood. A fun decoration and activity is a dinosaur Photo op booth. Simply have a dinosaur costume that children can try on. Take some digital photographs and send a personalized picture with your thank-you notes for a special memory.

Remember, decorating for the party doesn’t have to be a one-person job. Get the kids to help it’s their party! Plus, they’ll probably have a great time cutting out dinosaurs, blowing up balloons and sticking stuff to the walls!