Dinosaur Party Games and Activities

dinosaur trex pinataA Dinosaur party will be a roaring success with a few party games. A fun activity which also works great as a thank you card is a photo-op station. Simply have a few Dinosaur costumes for the kids to put on and take pictures. Than after the party you can use these pictures to make the thank-you cards. This take a bit of work and preparation but makes a great souvenir. Be sure to have a list of all the kids and cross off each name after you have their picture so that you don’t forget anyone!

For a few more organized games that only involve a little bit of preparation, try these ideas:

Dinosaur Disco “freeze” Game
This game is basically the Dinosaur equivalent of musical chairs. Simply, purchase a few Peel & Stick appliqué dinosaurs, or vinyl cling dinosaurs, and stick them to the floor in a circle arrangement. Next get a CD of music and start the music and explain to players that when the music stops, they must jump on a dinosaur and freeze until the music begins again. For older children, take away a dinosaur after each round and eliminate the child who does not land on a dinosaur when the music stops (just like musical chairs). Which Dinosaur Disco dancer will be left standing at the end of the game?

Dinosaur Pinata
A Dinosaur pinata is a great item to have at just about any Dinosaur party. You can give everyone a try “clubbing” the Dinosaur. Of course, be sure to have the kids stand back and to stop swinging when their turn is done. You have two options for your Dinosaur pinata a Lil’ Dinosaur pinata which is more of a child’s version of a dinosaur. The other is a Dinosaur TRex pinata which most boys absolutely love!

Tarpit Tug-O-War
Mark off a space to represent the tar pit (a taped-off section made with black tape, a pit drawn with sidewalk chalk, a black garbage bag cut open, or a baby pool filled with dirt). Separate the guests into teams, give each team an end of the rope, and let them start tugging. The first team to pull the other team into the tar pit is the winner! (Suggestion: For extra safety, you may want to give each team member a pair of gloves to avoid rope burns.)

Pin the Steg on the Stegosaurus
Make a large drawing of a Stegosaurus on poster board, but don’t include the spiked plates on his back. On another sheet of poster board, draw different sized plates and cut them out. Allow each child to color one of the spiked plates if you like, then play the game like the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. Be sure that the picture is at an appropriate eye-level for the children at your party. If young children do not want to be blindfolded, ask them to wear some funny glasses instead. Everyone is a winner in this game!