Dinosaur Party Food and Snack Ideas

dinosaur party platesLittle dinosaurs can sometimes have huge appetites, so make sure you have lots of fun snacks and foods at your dinosaur party. There are lots of tasty and creative options, but if you get stuck coming up with something original (aside from the ideas here), just imagine a clever dinosaur-themed name for your otherwise un-themed food. This is as simple as choosing pizza and calling it Paleolithic Pizza and you can have a herbivore and carnivore options!

Remember, to include your Dinosaur themed tableware which makes clean-up easier while sticking to your party theme! As with all Dinosaur themed party supplies you have a few different Dinosaur themes to choose. You have Dinosaur table wear, T-Rex Dinosaur tableware and Lil Dinosaur tableware.

Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

Pterodactyl Wings: Kids love chicken fingers and chicken wings, so pick up a few dozen pre-made chicken wings and call them “Pterodactyl wings.

Dinosaur Eggs: – Simply hard-boil some eggs. Simply place eggs in a pot, fill with cold water, bring to a boil and turn off and let stand for 18 minutes then run cold water on them until cool. After they’ve cooled color them with different food coloring to create dinosaur eggs. These might not be super popular at the party though!

dinosaur party ice-cube tray
Dinosaur Sandwiches: Create dinosaur sandwiches in two varities, Herbivore, Omnivore and Carnivore. The Carnivore should just be a meat sandwich while the Omnivore can have meat and vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, etc…) and of course the herbivore should be vegetables only. This option should give the kids lots of choice

Dinosaur Drinks
To drink, try some Jurassic Juice with fruity dinosaur drink. Purchase a few dinosaur ice cube trays which makes pieces of dinosaurs or fossils. You can place a bunch in your punch bowl and have a few on hand for the drink cups. For a specific Dinosaur liquid you can make swamp water created by mixing 3 or more types of soda together.

Dinosaur Baking – Cookies
Finally, don’t forget to have a bit of Dinosaur baking, of course you’ll have the Dinosaur birthday cake but what about cookies? You can buy Dinosaur cookie cutters which the kids will love. Depending on the type of cookie you make you can decorate them accordingly or get your kids to help out!