Sonic the Hedgehog Party Food and Snack Ideas

sonic the hedgehog food Every big Sonic fan knows that Sonic’s favorite food is chilidogs! Serve your guests traditional hot dogs with an assortment of toppings to fit any taste. You can serve canned chili or make your own from a simple mixture of ground beef, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce and chili powder. Add onions, peppers and any other seasoning you like. Some kids may not like the idea of having Chili Dogs so be sure to remind them it’s Sonic’s favorite food! Don’t forget that chili dogs are messy so be sure to haveSonic the Hedgehog paper tableware for easier clean-up!

You may have some young guests who are not open to trying chilidogs, so be prepared with some back up entrees. You can make Sonic Sliders on the grill with the small burgers. These bite-sized burgers are perfect for kids and easy to prepare. Grill a burger about half the size of a normal burger and pick up slider buns at your local grocery store. Expect each kid to each more than one! Provide ketchup, mustard, pickles and other fun toppings so each child can prepare his own.

For a beverage, mix up a fun Sonic Tonic using blue Kool-aid mix and soda. Make the Kool-aid as directed on the container, but replace one cup of water with a clear soda (tonic water, sprite, 7-up, etc…). This combination is super sweet, so be sure to have some plain water as well!

Spin Dash snack: Take vanilla wafer cookies and cover them in blue frosting, then roll them through sprinkles, just like Sonic with his hedgehog spikes flying through obstacles. We recommend blue, white or red sprinkles if possible. You’ve just created a Spin Dash Sonic cookie! You can use this as a snack for the kids to prepare themselves, but expect it to get a bit messy!

Sonic Gold Rings:
One of the main-parts of the Sonic the Hedgehog video games is the golden-rings so be sure to have food shaped in a golden ring. One idea is to create Sonic pineapple gold rings. Simply, peel a pineapple, cut slices in circles and remove the core to create a ring. We created (poorly) an example to the right. This is much easier with a Pineapple corer.

Remember, when creating food for a kids birthday party be sure to have lots of options. Some kids are picky and you don’t want them starving.