Sonic The Hedgehog Party Games and Activities

sonic the hedgehog pinataA Sonic themed party lends itself to many fun games because of the games that Sonic himself plays. He is known for making everything, even defeating evil, into something fun! So take Sonic’s lead and set up these simple, but fun activities for your party participants. Don’t forget that a Sonic the Hedgehog pinata is a great way for the kids to get out some energy!

At the start of the party, introduce the Gold Ring Race which will continue throughout the entire party. You can choose from the suggested activities below to fit the size, time limit and age range of your party and keep the Gold Ring competition going throughout!

Gold Ring Race:
One of the most recognizable features of the original Sonic games by SEGA are the Gold Rings (also called Power Rings) which players collect to save up power. You can use these gold rings to set up a variety of games to keep your guests on their toes!

You’ll need to start out with a good stock of gold bangles from Celebrate Express. They are made to be used as an accessory for a gypsy costume, but they give you 50 “gold rings” at a great price! You can also use chocolate gold coins as the kids will enjoy the chocolate.

For a younger age range, you can use these rings to set up an Easter egg-style “ring hunt” where participants can race around a set area searching for hidden rings. The child with the most rings has the most power!

For older guests, you can create a more advanced competition where guests can earn rings throughout the entire party by completing tasks. Here are a few ideas that might be perfect for the kids at your party.

The Spin Dash Competition:
Ensure that you have blocked off a safe area free of obstacles. (You may even want to provide a soft surface, such as a gym mat, to land on.) Each participant does his best Spin Dash move- Sonic’s signature move- and his friends cheer him on! If it is appropriate, you can encourage all the guests to rate each other’s Spin Dash move or to vote on the best one.

For those who haven’t played the Sonic video games, a Spin Dash move is when Sonic curls up in a ball, like a hedgehog would, and rolls at super sonic speeds allowing him to blast through obstacles and destroy anything in his path! Have each guest practice and perform his best Spin Dash move and reward them with a gold ring.

Since we aren’t hedgehogs, it’s easier for humans to do a basic summersault and return to standing. You may have to pretend the part with the super sonic speed!

Sonic Speed Race
Sonic knows there is no greater fun than a good, old foot race! Set up a safe course around your back yard, around the house or down the sidewalk. You can place gold coins along the course that they kids have to pick-up along the race. Finally, stretch a streamer across the finish line with an adult on either side to hold it for a dramatic finish. You can repeat the race a few times and award gold rings for first, second and third place.

Sonic Relay
Once your speedy little guests have mastered the Spin Dash move, have them advance to the Sonic Relay! Divide guests into even teams (two or three teams depending on how many guests) of three to five players each. Set up a playing area with cones or other markers indicating a starting and ending line about twenty feet apart. Teams line up behind the starting line with each team in his own line as you would in a traditional relay race. The goal is for each player, one at a time, to Spin Dash to the end line and then sprint back and tag the next player in line.

For an added challenge, place a pile of gold power rings at the end line for each team. At each starting line, place a plastic cup or tumbler upside-down. Teammates have to dash back and forth collecting one ring each time until they have “filled” their power by collecting all of the available rings!

sonic the hedgehog hat
Sonic the Hedgehog Craft Activity
After all of that running around, you may want an activity that keeps your guests seated for a few minutes. For a fun craft activity, have your guests create their own Sonic hat! Simply take a paper plate and cut off the bottom third to create a straight edge. Use the excess portion to cut out two triangle pieces, which are painted or colored brown for Sonic’s ears. On the round part, cut out large triangle shapes to create the spikes on Sonic’s head. Paint or color this part blue. Punch a hole in each side of the bottom edge and lace with a piece or yarn to fit to the child’s head.

Be sure to create a sample ahead of time and provide pictures of Sonic for children to look at as they decorate their own hats. As a special gift to the birthday boy you can give him an actual Sonic the Hedgehog hat!