Sonic the Hedgehog Party Decorations

sonic the hedgehog wall decals party decorations The decorations are the first thing the kids see when they arrive at the party. Be sure to have decorations that represent your party theme. This can be done by either buying pre-made Sonic party supplies or by creating homemade party decorations. If you are buying pre-made we recommend buying a Sonic The Hedgehog wall decal as it really helps to decorate a room and your child can have it in his/her room afterwards! You should also consider a Sonic The Hedgehog pinata which is not only a decoration but also a great party activity. Finally, don’t forget to decorate the food table with Sonic tableware including paper plates, napkins and cups.

Homemade Sonic The Hegehog Party Decorations
If you choose to do homemade decorations be sure to save time to create the decorations ahead of time. When creating homemade Soinc the Hedgehog decorations be sure to follow the color theme using red, blue and white.

You can make your own centerpieces by wrapping a few square tissue boxes in blue craft paper. Then, print out a few images of Sonic and/or the “Sonic” logo (the yellow “S” with a circle around it) and paste them to the sides.

To make the centerpieces really special print matching images of Sonic or Tails, cut them in circles and paste them back-to-back with a straw in between. Then, cut the straw to the appropriate length and stick it into the top of the Kleenex box to make it stand. Alternatively, place a Sonic action figure in the top of each box.

You can create “Speedy Sonic” balloons by simply attaching a few black or white streamers to one side of a helium balloon so that when you grab the string of the balloon and run with it the streams trail out behind. You will obviously want to use red, white and blue balloons and at the bottom attaching gold-rings makes them look even more Sonic!

Party Banner
Finally, create a large banner that says, “Happy Birthday”. The easiest way to do this is to simply print off a single letter on each page of computer paper and attach them together with a string. Another fairly easy way is using a large piece of paper and large letter stencil, stencil your message onto the paper. Finally, you can order a pre-made personalized Sonic party banner (like the one below). The banner features both Sonic the Hedgehog and his friend Tails with your own personalized message!

sonic the hedgehog party banner