Sonic The Hedgehog Party Invitations

sonic the hedgehog invitationsThe invitations to a child’s birthday party set the tone for the entire event, so be sure they make a statement. You have two main options with a Sonic The Hedgehog themed party invitation: pre-made and home-made.

If you want pre-made invitations, you can get a Sonic The Hedgehog theme party invitation from CelebrateExpress. The set of eight invitations are relatively inexpensive and look great. They invite your child’s friends to a “Sonic the Hedgehog Party!” and leave you space to fill in all of the details!

Homemade Sonic The Hedgehog Invitation
Making the invitations yourself gives your child the opportunity to get a bit creative and really take control of the party! A very simple and basic design is to take a set of blank greeting cards and decorating them yourself. You can decorate it with Sonic the Hedgehog stickers or with your own creative Sonic flair. Use your home computer to print the party information on the regular paper and glue it to the inside of the card. This is an easy way to make the cards in very little time.

Computer Hedgehog Invitation
sonic the hedgehog imageIf you have a bit of computer savvy, you can download an image of Sonic (click on image to the right) and pair it with a photo of your child in his best Sonic pose. Simply snap a photo of your child on a digital camera, upload it to your computer and insert it into the program you use to create the card. Most publishing programs will have an option of creating a card that you can print and fold into fourths. Play around with different arrangements on your child and Sonic: you could use back to back, facing off in battle, or about to take off for a race! Then you can print the message, “We want YOU to join us for a Sonic the Hedgehog party!”

Sonic The Hedgehog Homemade Invitation #2
If you prefer to create a crafty card, use these instructions to make an invitation that has a little mystery. Fold a half sheet of card stock in half to create the card and then print or draw an image of Sonic’s head that will fit on the inside of the card. Prepare an additional image of the exact same size and cut around the large, white eye. Use the eye as a template and trace it on the front of the card. Using an exacto knife, cut around the eye until the center part comes out allowing you to see through the the inside. Then, paste the image of Sonic’s entire head on the inside with the eye lining up with the hole. Be sure to leave enough room to write in all of the details of the party. You can print, “You’re invited…” on the front of the card and the rest of the details inside. Do you think your child’s friends can guess who it is just from the eye?

Hopefully these ideas help you create a great Sonic The Hedgehog invitation. Remember to leave enough time to create and send out the cards before the party!