Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

The birthday cake is often the climax of the party so be sure to make the cake a show-stopper! If you’re looking for an easy way to decorate a basic cake simply place a Sonic the Hedgehog figure and/or Tails action figure to the top of the cake.

Traditional Sonic Shape Cake:
Bake your child’s favorite flavor cake in a 9×13 rectangular pan and allow it to cool completely. Print and cut out a large image on Sonic’s head (like this one) to use as a template and simply place the cut out on top of your cake and cut around it with a sharp knife.

Once your Sonic head is cut out, use blue, tan, white and black frosting to fill it in. If you use multiple layers of frosting, you can create a fun 3-D effect! Do the blue base color first for the spikes, white for the eyes and tan for the part around his mouth (frosting the entire area). For the second layer, add the black pupils, nose and outlining. Use more blue and some tan to make the ear. You can decorate around the edges with gold rings or make a red border.

Sonic the Hedgehog Cake Edible Image Topper
Another very easy way to create a great looking birthday cake is using an Edible image topper. Simply bake a rectangular cake, ice it and apply the edible image topper. The image topper creates an image of Sonic the Hedgehog and/or tails on the top of the cake.
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Sonic Cupcake Tower
Cupcakes are always a fun option at parties because they can serve as part of the decoration! For starters, purchase a cupcake stand from Amazon for display. Bake plenty of cupcakes, as it never hurts to have a few spares in the kitchen. Once the cupcakes are cooled, you can have fun decorating each one. A few cupcake decorating options are below.

Sonic Cupcakes
You can make “Sonic” cupcakes using a similar frosting design described above for the cake. Use blue for the spikes, tan for the face, white for the eyes and black for the pupils and outlining. On a cupcake, you can be a bit more abstract with your frosting as it does not have to fit the exact shape. Consider simply frosting a blue outline for the spikes, black pupils, nose and outlining around the eyes. Put it all on top of a white base. You could do twelve Sonic cupcakes and twelve with the classic Sonic “S” logo and then alternate each cupcake or each row. Have fun with it!

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