The Wizard of Oz Party Favors

wizard of oz party favors Party favors are the take home gifts for all the kids and often one of the main-memories of the party. Be sure to have something memorable that they will enjoy and appreciate. This can range from a pre-made Wizard of Oz party favor pack to homemade party favors.

Celebrate Express offers premade party favor boxes for $4.99 each, which are little cardboard baskets containing Wizard of Oz stickers, ruby red lip gloss, a dog cookie, a candy-filled ruby shoe, and a little wand. Kids love these as they look great and have lots of stuff to play with. Another pre-made option is the Wizard Of Oz party-favor kit from Birthday in a Box. This includes Wizard of Oz favors (sticker book, pencils, notepad, punch balloon) and a reusable canvas tote bag.

Homemade Party Favor Ideas
You can create your own party favor bags with a few pre-made gifts and a few homemade things. Here are a few homemade things to add to the favor bags.

Tin-Man Cookie Hearts: Bake sugar cookies and using a heart cookie cutter make hearts, than sprinkle with red sprinkles to make the Tin-Man’s Heart.

Scarecrow Brain Candy: Although it’s a little strange you can make Scarecrow brains using Brain Chocolate molds. This party favor might not be for everyone though!

Dorothy Slippers Chocolate: You can make little Dorothy slippers using bite-sized shoe candy chocolate molds. Simply melt some chocolate, pour into the molds and let harden. Once hardened wrap them in mylar bags and place in the party favor bags! You can make red-slippers by using white-chocolate and red-food coloring.