Wizard of Oz Party Invitations

wizard of oz invitationsBefore you can even get the Wizard of Oz party started, you must invite some munchkins! If you are looking for speed and ease, you can order Wizard of Oz invitations from Celebrate Express. Eight invitations costs $3.59, and they are pretty cute! For a less expensive option, you can make your own invitations and then decorate them with Wizard of Oz stickers.

Homemade Computer Invitations
For even more speed, you can download and print personalized quality invitations from your computer. Simply find a few good Wizard of Oz images, copy and paste them into a card-making software package and add the details of the party. These are super simple but also look homemade so they aren’t for everyone!

Homemade Emerald City Invitations
Or, if you want to get really creative, cut some green paper or cardstock to the size you want. Then draw a picture of a palace similar to the one in the Emerald City. Write your child’s name on it. For example, the palace might be labeled “Brian’s House.” Then, draw a curving road leading to the palace. Cut out some small squares of yellow paper and glue them onto the road. When the glue has dried, write on the road, “You are invited to…” leading the words right to Brian’s house! Write all the details on the inside of the card.

Now that the invitations are now complete it’s time to really start planning your Wizard of Oz Birthday Party!