Narnia Party Decorations

narnia aslan pinata party decorationsDecorations for a Chronicles of Narnia party have a wide-variety of options. You can choose to do Winter-themed decorations much like the start of the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe when the children first enter Narnia. Another option is to decorate in a magical medieval setting with a few Narnia posters. Unfortunately, finding official Narnia Party decorations are difficult, however, we have assembled a few ideas that will create a great looking Narnia party room.

Party Room Entrance
One of the main components of Narnia is the children entering through the wardrobe. So when decorating for the party create a “wardrobe” for the children to walk-through. If you have a movable wardrobe that works the best, however, you can have a few coat racks on either side of the door entrance with lots of coats hanging up.

Narnia themed room
To start your decorations for your Narnia party we recommend Narnia posters. The posters are great for setting the theme of the party and decorating the walls. After the party the birthday boy/girl can put these in their room! Next, add a Narnia themed pinata to the room, a Lion pinata (as seen above) representing Aslan is a great way to add to your Narnia room.

Winter-Themed Party Room
When creating the winter-themed you can make everything look cold and frozen to represent the endless winter. Start by cutting out snowflakes and icicle patterns out of white paper. Dust silver and ice blue glitter over these to give them a cool, frosted appearance and hang them from the ceiling with thin string. Tape some of the snowflakes on the wall at various heights so that it looks like falling snow. Also drape strands of white cotton batting over the windows and in bunches on the floor so that it looks like snow drifts. Then add a few Narnia posters to the walls and you have a perfect winter-Narnia themed party decorations!
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Narnia Table Decorations
Cover the table with white vinyl tablecloths and tape the glittery paper snowflakes to the tablecloths. Also, lightly dust the table cloth with the blue and silver glitter. This may create more mess to clean up, but it’s visually effective. Cover a white Styrofoam block in shiny silver foil and stick a glittery wand in the center. This will be the centerpieces for your table. Drape strands of cotton batting around the base of the Styrofoam for an extra touch of winter.
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Cut large magical figures, like a centaur or a faun, and other animals out of cardboard and spray pain them dark silver or gray. Place these around the room to represent the people of Narnia who have been frozen by the witch’s magic wand. Hang white and ice blue balloons from the ceiling to add a fun element to the decorations.
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