Narnia Party Favors

Narnia party favors can range from a wide variety of things since the movie had so many different characters and settings. Unfortunately, finding officially licensed Narnia party favors is practically impossible at the moment, however, we have found a few items that are officially licensed that you can add to your own party pack. Here are a few ideas to provide fun and cool Narnia themed party favors for the kids.

Party Favor Bags
As with any party favors you can start with the bags to hold the goodies. You can buy plain gift bags from your local dollar store and decorate them with Narnia stickers and tissue. However, another option is to use Knight themed party bags as it fits with the magical world of Narnia and they look great!

The Chronicles of Narnia Themed Party Favors
Next you want to fill the party bags with a few items. We recommend adding a Narnia sticker sheet (kids loves stickers), Narnia posterand Narnia cupcake ring. Another great party favor is a Narnia bookmark as The Chronicles of Narnia are a book why not provide a bookmark for the kids! If the majority of the guests are boys than you can also add a paper Knight mask as the kids will love being Prince Caspian! The great thing about all of these favors is they are relatively inexpensive and Narnia themed!
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Other Party Favors
Another option is to fill the favor bags with non-Narnia themed stuff. This could include candy, small toys and games. A great option is to buy 1 or 2 Narnia themed favors and than add other small trinkets and candy to the bags. Again, if it’s a boys party you can by Foam swords which are relatively inexpensive and boys LOVE these. They don’t hurt to hit each other and they can re-create scenes from the movies and books.

Homemade Narnia Party Favors
The final option to consider is creating a few of your own Narnia party favors. As described in the Narnia party games, you can setup a crafting station where the kids can create their own swords. At the same station you can also have a shield, crown and wand building station. The kids can then add these to their party favor bags. If you have the supplies prepared ahead of time the children can then paint the cardboard cut outs with washable paints. The children can also decorate the cut outs by gluing plastic sparkles and jewels on them!

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