Narnia Party Games and Activities

narnia foam swords The games and activities for a Narnia party can be a wide range of things. One possible option is to choose to focus on the theme of good vs. evil that are present in The Chronicles of Narnia. We have listed a few game ideas below that we think the kids would enjoy playing. Don’t forget to adapt them to your audience so that they are age appropriate. Of course, if you’re stuck on any game ideas you can find Officially licensed Narnia Board Games here.

“White Witch Tag and Aslan’s Rescue”
This is basically a game of freeze tag in which one child pretends to be the White Witch and carries a tinfoil wand. He or she chases the other children and uses the wand to “tag” them. When they are tagged, they must freeze, just like the Narnian characters do when the White Witch uses her wand on them. While the White Witch freezes the children, another child pretends to be Aslan and goes around unfreezing the partygoers. The twist on this game is that it will be timed and after 2 minutes, an adult will sound a whistle and the game will stop. If more people are frozen, the White Witch wins and Narnia will have to suffer endless winter. If more people are unfrozen, Aslan wins and the White Witch is defeated. The children can take turns being Aslan and the White Witch.

narnia castle pinata Cair Paravel
The Chronicles of Narnia Pinata
Another fun party game at any party is a for the children to try and burst a piñata. When choosing your Narnia pinata you have a few different options. The most obvious is to have a Lion pinata to represent Aslan. The lion pinata is actually very realistic looking and the kids will love it! Another two options to consider are a Castle pinata to represent Cair Paravel or a Prince pinata to represent Prince Caspian. Unfortunately, all the Witch pinata’s are Halloween themed and might not be appropriate for Narnia! As always with a pinata, be sure to have all the kids stand back and to only let one child swing at a time.

Prince Caspian Sword – Craft Activity
A fun craft activity for the kids could be to create a Prince Caspian sword. This can be done in a variety of different ways but one of the easiest is using empty rolls of wrapping paper, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, glue and decorations. Using a single roll of wrapping paper cut a small piece off the end (to make the handle of the sword, you can also use a different roll to have a longer sword). Next, either glue or tie (you’ll want to use super strong glue) the piece to the bottom of the sword creating the hang protector / handle. Now wrap the whole thing in a layer of plastic wrap (for strength) and then a layer of aluminum foil (for looks). Now you can let the kids decorate as they want. This also makes a great party favor for all the kids to take home! If you want something more authentic you can buy a Prince Caspian battle set. Or if you think they just want to hit each other with the swords then we recommend a set of foam swords!

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