Narnia Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

As with all birthday parties the cake is one of the main attractions and this is no different with a Narnia birthday cake. Whether you’re making a cake based on The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince of Caspian or The Voyage of the Dawn Treader here are a few ideas to consider when making and planning your Narnia birthday cake.

Lion Cake
Another Narnia themed cake that the kids will recognize and love is to make Aslan the Lion! Using a lion cake pan simply pour your batter in the cake-pan and ice with yellow, gold and brown icing. This cake may take a bit of effort but the kids will absolutely love it and it’ll look great!
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narnia castle cake pan
Cair Paravel Castle
One idea for a Narnia themed cake is to make the Cair Paravel castle our of cake. Although this sounds challenging it’s not that difficult when you have a castle-shaped cake baking pan. You can also place miniature colored flags atop the cake so that it looks like a fairy tale castle. Finally, finish off the cake with a few Narnia figurines such as a small plastic lion and four small children.

The Chronicles of Narnia Themed Image Cake
A very simple but great looking cake idea is to use an edible image topper. Edible image toppers are images of Narnia that you place on the iced cake. Simply bake a rectangular (or round) cake and ice with white icing. Then lay down the edible image topper and you have a perfect looking Narnia themed birthday cake!
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Narnia Cupcakes
The final idea is to create something much simpler and easier which are cupcakes! Cupcakes are much simpler as you only have to ice a small area and if you mess up you’re only throwing out a small cupcake and not a whole cake! In addition, you can buy Narnia themed cupcake decorations which help to create a Narnia mini-cake for each child!
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