Princess and The Frog Party Invitations

princess and the frog party invitationsWith the popularity of Disney’s “Princess and the Frog” movie, it’s easy to find officially branded invitations. Look for them at party supply or stationery stores, or order them online at Celebrate Express here ($3.59 for eight).

You can also make your own Princess and the Frog Party invitations if you prefer a more creative approach. You and the birthday girl can have fun making these homemade invitations together!

Homemade Princess and the Frog Party Birthday Invitations
Frog/Kiss card
This is an easy craft that you and your child can do together. For eight invitations, you’ll need eight sheets of green cardstock, and eight sheets of pink or red cardstock, plus a piece of cardboard to make a simple template. Using an Xacto knife (or small scissors), carefully cut out the shape of a pair of kissing lips from the cardboard. Use the template to trace and cut 16 lip shapes from the pink and green cardstock. Put a spot of glue at the top of each “bow” of the upper lips—just enough so that you can sandwich the green and pink lips together to create a card that folds opens along the top edge. On the pink side, draw a line between the upper and lower lips to define them, and decorate with pink or red glitter if desired. On the green side, you’ll be creating a frog face. In the bow of the upper lips, draw the frog’s eyes, or better yet, use stick-on googly eyes. Then add a wide froggy smile with a black or red felt marker. You can add other elements to the face to give it character: pink circles for cheeks, green sequins for “warts,” or a sprinkling of green glitter. Write the party details inside the card.

3D lily pad card
This card idea takes a little more effort and skill, but it results in a truly beautiful keepsake card. Look online for directions on making an origami lily flower (there’s a good tutorial on YouTube here), and use thin, colored paper to create one flower for each invitation. Next, cut out lily pad shapes from green cardstock, and write the party details on one side (or print out the party information and cut the shapes out afterwards. Finally, hot-glue the flower to the other side of the pad. Distribute the pretty, three-dimensional lily pads to the invited guests!

princess and the frog lollipop
Lollipop invitation
If you’re looking for an unusual invitation that doesn’t require a lot of effort, order some green, apple-flavored frog prince lollipops, or look for something similar at your local party supply store, candy shop or party supply store. Print the party details on plain white paper and scroll it around the lollipop stem. Tie with a green ribbon, and distribute among the invited guests.

Hopefully those ideas help to create a truly creative and unique Princess and the Frog invitation. Remember, if you’re pressed for time a simple card created from your computer and printer will get the job done. To make it a little more unique you can even decorate with a few Princess and the Frog stickers!

If you hosted a Princess and the Frog party what did you use as a Party invitation? Let us know in the comments below.