Princess and The Frog Party Games and Activities

princess and the frog pinataThere are lots of games you can play using the “frog and princess” theme ranging from pre-made games like a Princess and the Frog Pinata to a craft like making your own Lily Pad hairband From energetic games of tag to quiet craft activities, here is a range of favorites that appeal to frog-friendly princesses ages six to eight:

Find the prince
This is a simple balloon-popping game that your party guests will love. All you’ll need is a quantity of green balloons, a Sharpie marker, and a picture of Prince Naveen (you can print one out from one of these images). Roll up the picture of the prince and slip it into one of the balloons, then blow them all up. Next, draw frog faces on each balloon with the Sharpie. When you’re ready to start the game, tell the players that they must chase the balloons around and stamp on them to pop them without using their hands. Let them know that a prince is hidden inside one of the frogs, and that the player who finds the prince will win a prize. Then let the games begin!

Kiss the frog
This game is a fun variation of “pin the tail on the donkey.” Before the party, print out enough copies of a picture of a frog so that there is one for every guest and the birthday girl. Alternatively, you can draw a simple picture using a marker, and print copies of that. You will also need a large piece of posterboard, a red or bright pink lipstick, and a blindfold. Tack the posterboard up on the wall, and when you’re ready to begin the game, explain the rules to the players: each little girl will try to kiss the frog blindfolded, and get as close as they can to the frog’s mouth. For each little girl in turn, tape a picture of a frog to the middle of the posterboard, apply some lipstick to her, and tie on the blindfold. Replace the picture for each player (to avoid trading germs). Award a prize to every girl who manages to kiss her frog on the mouth.

large green circle dots
Frogwarts game
This is a very energetic chasing game best played in a large room or in the outdoors. Before the party, pick up some large green sticker-dots from an office supply store. Hand each player 10 dots, and tell them that the object of the game is to try to stick as many “warts” on the other players and avoid getting any warts on themselves. (Once someone sticks a wart on them, it has to stay on—peeling it off is cheating!) The game continues until everyone has used up all their warts. Award a prize to the girl who has the fewest warts at the end of the game—and award a consolation prize to the girl who has the most! This seems like a very silly game but kids LOVE it!

Make your own lily pad hairband
This is a quieter, craft-based activity. Before the party, purchase enough plastic hairbands for everyone at the party (green ones, if possible). Cut out green lily pads from sturdy craft paper and hot-glue one to each hairband. At the party, set up a craft table and let the girls make lily flowers in the colors of their choice from paper craft circles, or look for craft circles or paper flower kits at your local craft store). Help them glue the flower to the lily pad on their hairband, and let them wear their new hairband throughout the party and take it home with them.

As the party winds down, the girls can relax and watch the Princess and the Frog Disney movie.

If you hosted a Disney’s Princess and the Frog party what did you have for games and activities? Let us know in the comments below.