Monster Jam Party Games and Activities

monster jam pinataHere they come! They are ready for fun, and fun is what they will get. Monster Jam or Monster Truck party games are fun and active and all the kids should have a smile on their faces while at the party! Here’s a few ideas to create a terrific Monster Jam party.

As each monster truck party person comes (with their big wheels and motor wheels that you asked them to bring from the Monster Jam Invitations) ask drivers to park their vehicles at the point behind The Mountain of Shame (described below). Then ask them to come inside and greet the birthday boy.

While everyone waits for all the kids to arrive you can have a Monster Jam DVD playing of one of the most recent Monster Jams or a Monster Jam video game. Once all the kids are their the party activities can start!

Everyone has arrived! Ask the birthday boy if he is ready to lead them to the Motor Cross Obstacle Course and off they go!

Motor Cross Obstacle Course
Let’s turn your yard space into an obstacle course. Get some extra-large size black trash bags and stuff with towels and sheets and blankets and balled up newspaper. (If you don’t have enough to make the bags extra large, go and get some at the thrift store. You can get a lot for fifty cents.) Pile about 5 or 6 of these depending on age of children. Towels will help them stay sturdy. (You can do some spring cleaning on your towels, sheets and blankets after the party.) This creates your Mountain of Shame.

Next, create some curves out of streamer tape. Take some nails and put them into the ground to shape them. Make sure the turns are tight; remember these are supposed to be challenges. You can make several of these in between other things. These will be your “Challenge Curves”.

Cut two large hula hoops in half on one side. Arrange hoops to connect together to form one very large opening. Place ends in ground so hoop is standing up. Get bright yellow and orange poster paper and cut long triangles and tape large end to hoop to create fire. Use crape paper as well to give it that fire look. This can be your “Ring of Fire”

Next, add more “Challenge Curves” after the Ring of Fire which will lead to the Tunnel of Doom. To create your Tunnel of Doom get two refrigerator boxes from appliance store and create tunnel to go through. Attach boxes together with very strong tape. Finish off the Monster Jam race with a straightway to the finish line.

Arrange these features around your lawn as they will fit. Make sure you take crape paper to mark the entire track so children will stay on track and not go all over your yard or into your flowers. They will have a blast. If there are not enough Big Wheels to go around ask to share the ones that are there because they go over one at a time.

You can create this as just a fun activity of as a timed event. Have them line up and have someone be the official timer. Have a scoreboard at the end with an official score keeper. Have the birthday boy go first (since he has probably practiced a few times already) and have an official starter. The one who has the best time will be the winner. This game can be played two or three times or individually since they will want to try to best their scores.

Monster Jam Pinata
A pinata is fun activity that is always good for a laugh. You can purchase a Monster Jam 16” Piñata. Remember to keep the kids back when one kid is swinging. Don’t forget the video camera to record all the great memories!

Assemble a Monster Truck
On they sell Monster Jam Ultimate Micro Competition. You are able to build your own Monster Trucks from K-Nex. The kit comes with 5 trucks: Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Monster Mutt, El Toro Loco, and Captain’s Curse all for $15.99. As a final game and party favor your can have the kids create their own monster truck.

Homemade / Do It Yourself Monster Truck Assembling Activity
You can also create this game economical by creating a homemade version! Get four boxes (shoe boxes work great). Then add a few tupperware containers, cardboard, crayons, tin cans, etc… Basically you are trying to assemble a Monster Truck out of homemade supplies, be sure to have a combination of practical and decorative. You will be amazed at what they can create!

Hopefully these Monster Jam party games give you a great start to your party. If you hosted a Monster Truck party what games did you play? Let us know in the comments below.