Monster Jam Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

monster jam birthday cake Just like Monster Jam the finale is always the best part and that’s when the birthday cake arrives. CelebrateExpress sells the perfect Monster Truck cake topper. It features a real Monster Truck toy on the top. This can be used with either a cake that you bake or one you purchase and pick up. The birthday boy will have an extra toy at the end of the party to keep.

A good idea with this Monster Truck cake topper is to try and re-create a Monster Jam arena. This can be done using a rectangular cake, squeeze tube icing and various colors of icing. Simply ice the cake with brown icing. Then using the squeeze tube icing (black) create a ‘track’ or ‘road’ that the truck would go along. On this road you can place the Monster truck cake topper toy. Finally, using some colored icing try to create a few ‘cars’ for the truck to jump over! Luckily, the cars don’t have to look very good as you can say they’ve already been ran over!

Grave Digger Cake – Monster Truck
If you are very creative you can bake a Monster truck cake all by yourself. Cook a sheet cake in a 9 x 13 pan. Using a picture of the Grave Digger as your guide, cut the sheet cake to look like the shape of the Grave Digger. After cutting it out you can ice it to look like Grave Digger. It doesn’t have to look perfect for the kids to get the idea. You can also buy a Monster Truck cake pan so you don’t have to cut the shape out yourself.
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Monster Jam Image Cake
An easy way to make a fantastic looking cake is an edible image topper. Edible image toppers are an image or picture of a monster-jam show. The edible image toppers are easy to apply. Simply bake a rectangular cake and apply to the top of the iced cake.
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Monster Truck Cupcakes
If a cake is not to your liking or skill level, make some cupcakes! Cupcakes are great as they’re typically easier to decorate and each kid gets their very own cupcake! When decorating your cupcakes you can do a very basic sprinkles on top. Another option is to ice the cake and using black icing tube you can try to create a monster truck tire. If you’re looking for an easy way to make the cupcakes look terrific then an edible cupcake image topper is the perfect choice. They are easy to place on the cupcakes and re-create a scene from a Monster Jam show! Finally, a non-edible cupcake topper like a tag or pick is another great cupcake topper as the kids will even get something to add to their Monster Jam themed party favors!
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