Monster Jam Party Decorations

monster jam truck posterYou have almost done it, this is a big party, now don’t be scared to decorate it BIG! Monster Trucks call for monster decorations. You will want to decorate the walls, food table and even the air! Here’s how we recommend going about making the best Monster jam party decorations.

Decorate the Walls
If you have an computer projector (or even an overhead projector), or know someone (your child’s school) who has one, you have the best tool to make giant decorations. Simply create a presentation with real Monster Trucks with your laptop. You can set the presentation on ‘auto-rotate’ so that it will flip through the pictures automatically. If you are really creative you can take pictures of the kids during the Monster Jam Party Games and add them to the slide-show or create a separate slide-show to show the kids. Another great way to decorate the walls is to use Monster Jam posters (as seen to the right).

You can also purchase Monster Jam wall decals which are designed to be removable and decorate an entire wall. The added bonus of this decoration is that you can decorate your child’s bedroom after the party with the wall decals!

monster jam truck grave digger photo opportunity
Finally, a great idea is to consider purchasing a Monster Truck Photo Opportunity station. The photo op station features a large truck of Grave Digger with a small hole for the kids to stick their heads through to make them look like they’re driving Grave Digger! This cardboard photo station is 4ft wide and 4ft tall making it a great centerpiece to your party! It is also a great way to get a photo of the kids either for the Monster Jam party favor bags or to send in their thank-you cards!

Decorate the Air
Decorating the air is rather simple as you can use normal balloons, Monster Truck Mylar Balloons and lots of different colored ribbon. If your child has a favorite Monster Truck you can use balloons and ribbons in those colors! Finally, you can decorate with a Monster Jam Pinata which doubles as a party decoration and a party game! Plus, kids absolutely love Pinatas as they’re exciting and fun!

Decorate the Table
The final thing to decorate is the food table. You can start with a Monster Truck tablecloth and then use paper plates, napkins and cups to make clean-up easier. You can purchase Monster Jam Jam paper plates, napkins and cups if you really want to decorate completely. Finally, if you’re looking for Monster Jam party food check out our article here.

Save Money Buying A Party Pack
At CelebrateExpress you will find a Monster Jam party pack which includes everything you will need for a perfect party. In addition, you can add more decorations, party favors, etc… Since you are buying the supplies in bulk you will save money!

Hopefully this article helps you decorate a great Monster Truck party. If you hosted a Monster Jam party how did you decorate it? Let us know in the comments below!