Monster Jam Trucks Party Favors

monster jam party favorsAt every birthday party, a party favor is a must have, the kids love them and talk about them forever. In fact, this might be the one thing that the kids remember from the party! Luckily, you can purchase Monster Jam party favors in a fairly inexpensive package which has all the memorable party favors needed. Look no further than Celebrate Express, they sell a filled Monster Jam Party Favor package which is an officially licensed product by Field Motor Sports, Inc. so you know it’ll be good quality. The package includes a Monster Jam sticker sheet, Monster Jam green goo, Monster Jam bounce ball, asst. plastic whistle, Pop Rocks and Monster Jam assorted tattoos.

Homemade Monster Jam Party Favors
Now if you are under a budget constraint, you can do these take-away bags yourself. Go to a party store for white bags, they are hard to find at other stores, although you may be lucky at dollar stores (or Amazon has a large selection). Go look for free clipart, find Microsoft clipart and download monster truck art and cut them out and paste onto bags. Next, add a few inexpensive toys and trinkets for the bags. This could include a Hot Wheels Monster truck, stickers or even a car eraser.

Should you live near where one of the Monster Trucks live, (Grave Digger lives near the beach in North Carolina) you can take your child on a trip to see an actual Monster Truck a week or two before the party (this could also be a great Monster Jam party activity). Buy some inexpensive postcards with the truck and driver on it, and ask for a driver (they always have someone there because they give rides on the old retired trucks) to autograph the cards for you. They will make a great treat for them when they find it in their bag. If you go to their official websites, each Monster Truck has a home base. Find out if one lives near you. You can find all of the trucks listed on the Monster Jam website. It will be worth the trip.

Creative Party Favor Bags
Another great idea is to use a creative package to store the party favors. You can choose something as simple as a party bag but spending a bit more to get a memorable package always makes a good favor. A few ideas include a Monster Jam backpack or Monster Jam lunch tin. Here are a few more Monster Jam party favor bags that might look good.

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If you hosted a Monster Jam party, what did you have for party favors at your party? Let us know in the comments below!