Monster Jam Truck Party Invitations

monster jam truck party invitationsMonster Jam provides a level of excitement barely matched with other party themes. You will want to have invitations to show the guests how much they’ll be having at the party. Here are a few ideas to consider for you Monster Jam party.

Pre-made Monster Jam Invitations
The easiest and one of the least-time consuming options is to buy pre-made inexpensive Monster Jam Invitations. These invitations (seen to the right) feature a Monster truck on the front with the words “You’re invited”.

Pre-made Invitation #2
Another Monster Jam invitation that the kids will surely like is the Monster Jam invitation pack which features Grave Digger on the front! This invitation is sold in a pack which includes thank you cards. The thank-you cards features Monster Mutt on the front! Check it out here.

Monster Jam Ticket Invitations
A really great invitation for a Monster Jam party is a ticket invitation. These invitations are created to look exactly like a ticket to a real Monster Jam show! The only difference is that your personalize it with the party details! These tickets look great and the kids absolutely love them!
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Homemade Monster Jam Invitations
Creating homemade invitations usually takes more time, however, you can create original and exciting invitations. Here are a few ideas to consider

Computer Coloring Invitation: Using your computer simply download a few monster truck images from here. These are images that the kids can color to create their own monster truck design. Place the image on the front and the party details on the inside!

Monster Truck Toy Invitation: Another simple invitation idea is to send the kids a small Monster Truck toy. On the bottom of the monster truck toy simply tape the party details.

Hopefully these party invitation ideas help to create great invitations. If you hosted a Monster Truck party how did you do the invitation? Let us know in the comments below.