Fire Truck Party Games and Activities

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If the birthday child loves fire trucks, then nothing will be as exciting for them as a visit to a real fire station. Many fire stations are happy to arrange birthday visits to the station, so check with your local fire department about the possibilities. Often, the visit will include a chance to tour the station, sit in the driver’s seat of a real fire truck, try on firefighting gear and get a photo with a real firefighter. It’s also a great opportunity to teach the kids the basics about fire safety. If you choose this option for your party, you may find that you really don’t need to plan any further activities for the day. This is DEFINITELY worth looking into.

There are also lots of exciting things to do at home for a fire truck party. If you plan to hold the birthday party in your home, you can put the kids through “firefighter training camp” with a series of fun activities. When the kids arrive, tell them that they will be going through firefighter training, and that if they pass their training course, they’ll receive their official fire hat and badge. You can choose from among these activities, or mix them in with ideas of your own:

Find the fire
Their first task is to prove they can sniff out fires and find them before they become too dangerous. For this game, all you need is a few “fires” made out of crumpled sheets of red, orange and yellow tissue paper. Before the party, hide the fires around the house, or around the party room if you prefer to keep the games limited to a specific area. Show the kids a sample “fire,” and then divide them into teams. Each team needs to find as many fires as they can as fast as they can.

Water relay
Next, the kids need to prove that they can form a water relay to put out fires. This game should be played outdoors, since water is often spilled during the game. Divide the kids into teams, and divide each team so that half the team is on one side of the room or yard, and the other half is on the other side. Each child gets a plastic cup, and the first player in each team gets a cup full of water. The object of the game is to relay the water so that each team member runs across the room and pours the water into the next person’s cup without spilling any. The team that passes the water back and forth between each team member first wins. There should also be a prize for the team that has spilled the least and whose cup remains fullest at the end of the game.

Douse the flames
The final test for the young firefighters is to see how well they can aim water to put out the flames. Because it involves squirt-guns, this game is best played outside. For this game, you will need to cut flame-shapes out of unglazed red construction paper or tissue before the party. When you’re ready to start the game, have each child tape a flame to the front of their shirts, and hand them a squirt gun (you’ll find cheap ones on Amazon here). The object of the game is to squirt everyone else’s flame while trying to protect your own from getting wet. Players gain one point for every fire they “put out,” and five points goes to the last player with a dry flame.
firetruck build your own kit
Build a fire truck
This is a quieter game that gives the kids a breather after all that running around! Have the kids build and decorate their own fire trucks using build-your-own fire truck kits from Amazon ($4.00 each). Each kit contains a wooden truck, four axles and four wheels that little hands can assemble with help from a supervising adult. Lay out crayons, paints and stickers so that they can decorate their assembled fire trucks.

When the kids have completed all their activities, you can “graduate” them as honorary firefighters, and hand each of them a kids’ firefighter hat, a firefighter badge and a fire prevention safety booklet. Alternatively, you can hand-out the Fire Truck party favor bags!

If you hosted a Fire Truck party what did you have for games at the party? Let us know in the comment below!