Fire Truck Birthday Party Favors

firetruck party favor pack
If you have chosen to have the kids go through “firefighter training” as part of their Fire Truck party activities, you may have already handed out hats, badges and safety books, which can form the basis of their favor bags. Pick up a few fire-truck-red favor bags at Celebrate Express and fill them with an assortment of “fire” candy: Atomic Fireballs, Red Hots, cinnamon hearts and Hot Tamales.

If you are looking for a quick and easy approach to party favors, you can always order premade favor packages from Celebrate Express. They offer a fire truck party favor box that comes with a toy fire engine, firefighter badge sticker, colored dough, cookie cutter and mini rolling pin, crayons, coloring poster and a sticker sheet. Pile all the loot into the truck-shaped favor box (included) and you’re ready to go! If you prefer to fill the boxes with your own selected treats, you can purchase the fire-truck-shaped favor boxes.

You could also consider building a favor bag around the theme of Dalmatians, every firefighter’s best friend. Beanie Baby Dalmatians can be purchased for just $1.50 each at Amazon. Put a Dalmatian and a few candies in one of the red favor bags or fire truck favor boxes for a great and inexpensive party treat.

Other ideas for favor bags include fire truck temporary tattoos from Amazon, fire truck whistles from Amazon ($7 for 12), fire rescue extinguisher squirt toys and stickers and coloring books on the fire truck theme.

Ideas for homemade Fire Truck party favors include:

Laminated certificates for firefighting bravery
If you have a home printer and laminator, you can create a personalized certificate for each child on the computer, and include it in their gift bag. Use color clipart of Dalmatians, fire hats and fire trucks to add visual appeal.

Homemade chocolate Dalmatian pops
Use Dalmatian lollipop molds to make chocolate lollipops and wrap them in mylar with red ribbons. Try using white chocolate with dark chocolate dots to mimic the Dalmatian’s distinctive coloring.
firetruck cookie cutter

Fire truck cookies
Use a fire truck cookie cutter ($4 at Amazon) to make fire truck cookies. Ice with red Royal icing, and use black and white accents for the truck details. Wrap cookies in plastic wrap or mylar and pop them in the favor bags. If you’d rather not fuss with too much cookie-decorating, a fire hat cookie might work better—just ice with red Royal icing and you’re done!

If you hosted a FIretruck Birthday party what did you give out as party favors? Let us know in the comments below!