Fire Truck Party Decorations

firetruck photo op decoration
For quick and easy decorating, you can order the deluxe party pack from Celebrate Express. The pack includes invitations, dinner plates, cups, placemats, forks, spoons, 16 napkins, a tablecover, and 18 balloons in three different colors.

At a fire truck themed party, it’s really all about the fire truck! Ideally, you will build the party decorations around a truck that the kids can play with. If you can find a big appliance box, you can use paint and a box cutter to transform it into a fire truck the kids can pose in. It doesn’t take much to capture young kids’ imaginations: paint the box fire truck red, cut a couple of windows in the sides, and use black poster paint or to create the wheels and to write “Taylor’s Fire Dept.” along the sides. Use yellow paint to make the ladder along the upper edge of the truck sides. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can cut a hole in one side of the truck and run a length of flexible hose through it (from a home hardware store, or even borrowed from your vacuum cleaner!). The kids can pretend to put out fires with their “water cannon.” If you can find an inexpensive Dalmatian stuffed toy, it will complete the scene. Make sure to take photos of the kids in the “driver’s seat” window wearing their firefighter hats.

If you like the idea of a fire truck, but would rather not make it yourself, consider picking up a Big Red Fire Engine play hut from Amazon. It’s a great-looking, lightweight, toy that will withstand a crowd of energetic kids, and it packs down for storage once the party’s over. It costs a bit more than just balloons and streamers, but it will really dress up the room, and can double as a birthday gift.

You can dress up the walls of the party room with giant fire truck wall decals from Amazon. Again, they’re a little pricier than other decorating options, but they can also count towards the birthday boy or girl’s gifts, since they can be peeled off and reapplied to their bedroom walls. The best color theme for a fire truck party is red and black or red and yellow, so pick up lots of balloons and streamers in these colors at the dollar store for an inexpensive and colorful effect. A jumbo foil fire-truck balloon from Celebrate Express makes a great accent piece, and can be tied to the birthday child’s seat at the snack table. Another great decoration that also makes a great photo opportunity is a Firetruck cardboard cutout.

You can also dress up the snack table with an inexpensive “three-alarm-fire” centerpiece. Make a circular cardboard base and glue yellow, orange and red tissue to it, bunched together to resemble flames. Purchase a few inexpensive toy fire trucks at the dollar store and arrange them in a circle around the base.