Fire Truck Party Food and Snacks

fire truck paper plates
Dress up the party table with red, yellow and orange tableware, and accessorize the look with fire truck cups and plates from Celebrate Express ($3.50 for eight cups or eight plates). You could also treat the birthday boy or girl to personalized dinner plates. You can choose your favorite photo of the child, add a special message and have it printed out on each paper plate.

After working hard to earn their fire hats and badges (in the FireTruck party games), the kids will have worked up quite an appetite, so serve up some hearty fire station fare:

Fire station sandwiches
Make an ordinary plate of sandwiches special! Make a range of sandwiches for the kids, such as egg salad, luncheon meat and cheese, and cream cheese and tomato. Cut them into quarters diagonally to make small, triangular sandwiches that are the right size for little hands. Now, spear each sandwich with a fire hat cupcake pick.

Fire-quencher punch
Serve fire-engine red punch made from sweetened cranberry juice with a splash of 7-up. It will taste better if it’s served in fire hydrant cups from Amazon ($14 for eight)!

Fire-and-ice pops
This recipe requires popsicle molds and pineapple, orange and strawberry juices. Fill each mold 1/3 of the way up with pineapple juice, and freeze. Next, fill another 1/3 with orange juice, and freeze again. Finally, pour strawberry juice (or sweetened cranberry) to fill the last 1/3 of the mold and keep the pops in the freezer until needed. When they are unmolded, they will look like flames!

Three-alarm savory snacks
Serve an assortment of salty snacks, such as pretzels, popcorn, goldfish crackers and smoked almonds in an upside down mini fire hat (0.65 each at Ace Party Supplies). For a healthier option, you can put some sour-cream-and-onion or yogurt-dill dip at the bottom of the hat, and fill it with sticks of orange carrots and yellow and red pepper, or with an assortment of raw veggie sticks.

Hopefully these food and snack ideas will make your Fire Truck party hot and tasty! If you hosted a Firetruck party what did you serve? Let us know in the comments below.