Fire Truck Party Invitations

firetruck birthday party invitations
If you’re looking for a quick and easy invitation, take a look at the fire truck invitations from Celebrate Express. These invitations are already put together and look great. You simply have to fill in the blanks and hand-them out to the kids.

Another fun idea is to print out cards that read “FIRE!” on the cover, with a small box of Red Hots candies glued to the front. On the inside of the card, write: “Taylor requests your presence on such-and-such a date to have a hot time fighting fires and celebrating his birthday!”

If you have a digital camera and home printer, you can create a truly personalized card. Order a fire truck photo prop at Celebrate Express that frames your child’s face to make it look as though they are at the wheel of a cartoon firetruck. Take a photo and print it onto blank cards. This can then be used as a Fire Truck decoration at your party!

There’s no reason a birthday invitation has to be a card… If you can find mini toy fire trucks at the dollar store, you can print the party details on stickers that fit on the sides of the truck, and distribute the toys as invitations.

You can also create your own handmade fire truck card inexpensively using simple craft items. Fold an 8 ½” x 11” piece of red construction or cardstock in half, and then cut a small rectangle from the upper left corner to create the shape of the truck’s body. Then glue two black circles to the bottom edge of the card for wheels. You can write “Make way! It’s a three-alarm birthday!” across the truck, or print a message on sticker paper and stick it on. If you want to add a realistic detail, you can stick a wooden ladder along the top edge of the truck. Find wooden ladder stickers at Zazzle. Write or print out the rest of the party invitations on the inside.