Ladybug Party Decorations

ladybug party decorations wall decalIt’s easy to decorate the party room using the red-and-black polka-dotted ladybug theme. If you have the time and patience, you can add black dots to red balloons with the thickest black marker you can find (try the Sharpie Magnum). Or save yourself hours of effort and purchase vivid red-and-black ladybug balloons. You can also add a few red-and-black ladybug mylar balloons.

To prevent the red and black theme from becoming overpowering, it’s a good idea to mix in a third, pastel color. Lime green provides a great contrast, and suggests the green foliage where ladybugs make their home. Pink is also a good supplementary color, adding softness and “girliness” to the stronger colors. You can use this color accent in the crepe paper decorations, the party tablecloth and the napkins, for instance. If you are using the lime green color, you can cut out lime-green leaf-shapes and tack them on the walls, interspersed with cut-out ladybugs. If you’re using pink as the accent color, cut out simple pink flower shapes to mix in with the ladybugs. If you want to save a bit of decorating time, you can tack round ladybug paper plates up on the walls instead of making ladybug decorations yourself (or buy a Lady Bug wall removable decal)

You can also create a garden theme for the party, so that the ladybugs have a nice green home to live in. Cover the party table in a green tablecloth and make a centerpiece of paper or real flowers in flowerpots. Stick tiny, wooden, painted stick-on ladybugs all over the table and the flowers. You can also line the window ledges with flowerpots, painted in an accent color and tied with black-dotted red ribbon. Fill the flowerpots with real, plastic or paper flowers along with cut-out ladybugs stuck into the pots with bamboo skewers.

Another great decoration is a Ladybug party banner (as seen below). The banner provides that large decoration that helps to create a cool look while reducing the number of decoration necessary! You can simply add Ladybug tableware and you’ll almost be done with decorations!

ladybug party banner

Decorate the guests!
A great decoration and party activity is to make simple ladybug costumes for the party guests to wear and keep.

  1. Purchase red t-shirts for each child (find them on Amazon here for $4 each)
  2. Use fusible interface to iron big black fabric dots all over the shirts.
  3. Next, make antennae headbands using ordinary black plastic headbands and hot-gluing black pipe cleaners to them.
  4. Finish off by gluing black pom-poms to the ends of the pipe cleaners. (To save time, you can also buy ladybug antennae headbands).

As each girl arrives, have her put her t-shirt and headband on, and then paint red circles and black dots on each girl’s cheeks. Make sure you get a photo of all the little ladybugs together! If you can paint or draw some giant-sized flowers and grass for them to pose next to, all the better!