Ladybug Party Food and Snacks

ladybug food napkins
For a dainty little ladybug party, you will want to serve dainty little teatime treats.

Daintybug sandwich platter
This beautiful platter includes sandwiches that look like ladybugs and all of ladybug’s friends: caterpillars, butterflies and spiders.
For ladybugs: Serve sandwiches made from beet or tomato bread and cut into circles with a cookie cutter. Fill with sundried-tomato cream cheese, and scatter a few currants on top for each ladybug’s dots.
For caterpillars:: Use spinach wraps spread with spinach dip and rolled into long, green caterpillar shapes. Cut each wrap into three, and add two raisin eyes.
For butterflies: Use thin carrot or celery sticks for the body. Make white-bread sandwiches with the filling of your choice, cut off the crusts and cut each sandwich into four diagonally. Arrange two triangles on each side of the butterfly’s body to make the wings.
For spiders: Spread Ritz crackers with cheese spread and press pretzels into the cheese to make spider legs that extend beyond the cracker. Press another cracker on top, and add two currants for eyes.

Mini bug bowls: Serve handfuls of Keebler bug bites graham crackers in little muffin paper cups. Choose cup colors that coordinate with the party colors, or choose ladybug red.

Ladybug punch: Serve cranberry soda in a glass bowl with frozen purple grapes floating in it for a polka-dotted punch.

Ladybug mini jello molds: These little jello desserts look just like ladybugs! First, lightly grease a muffin pan with Pam or other cooking spray, Next, lay eight or 10 chocolate chips flat-side down in each muffin well. Make a quantity of raspberry jello and pour it into the muffin pan. Refrigerate until set. When you unmold the jello, it will look like a polka-dotted ladybug.

You can also serve a plate of watermelon cubes speared with cute little ladybug picks.

If you hosted a Ladybug party what did you serve as food? Let us know in the comments below!