Ladybug Party Invitations

lady bug invitationsFor ready-made invitations, you can order “Oh So Sweet” ladybug invitations from Celebrate Express ($3.59 for eight). However, you can also create a range of custom-made, original cards very easily. The ladybug’s simple, round shape and distinctive coloring makes it easy to create a truly memorable card. This article helps you create some marvelous invitations by hand, however, we also do list a few store-bought invitations at the bottom which work great if you’re short on time.

Ladybug-on-a-leaf card
For each card, fold a sheet of green construction paper or cardstock in half, and cut a simple leaf-shape so that it hinges open at the left or at the top. You can use a darker green marker to vein the leaf, or leave it plain. Look for stick-on pom-pom or pipe-cleaner ladybugs at your local craft or dollar store, and stick one on the front of each card. Alternatively, you can order tiny, wooden, painted stick-on ladybugs from Oriental Trading ($4.99 for 50) and apply a few of them on each leaf. Write the party details inside the card and distribute without envelopes.

Ladybug “flying wings” card
You can make a ladybug-shaped birthday card that has moving wings, just like the real thing! For each card, you will need to cut one 4-inch circle out of black construction paper and one 4-inch circle out of red construction paper. Cut the red circle in half, and attach the two halves to the black circle using small metal brads. You should be able to swivel the two red “wings” to open and then close together neatly. Now use a black felt marker to color a round circle around the brads to mark the ladybug’s face. Finally, take two small stick-on googly eyes and stick one on top of each brad. For the final touch, color black dots on the ladybug’s wings, or glue on some black sequins. Now you can glue a smaller white circle of paper with the party details printed on it over the black circle, so that when the wings are opened, the party information is revealed.

Ladybug peek-a-boo card
Fold 8 ½” x 11” heavy paper in the color of your choice (any color but red or black!) into an 8 ½ x 5.5” card. Now cut out between three and five red circles for each card. Add a spot of glue to the top of each circle, and glue them to the card so that the circles can be lifted up from the bottom. Underneath each circle, write a birthday message. For instance, under one circle, you could write: “You’re invited!” Under the next circle, write: “So buzz on over!” And under the final circle: “It’s a ladybug party!” Decorate each circle with ladybug dots and stick-on googly eyes.

Hopefully these Lady Bug party invitation ideas help you to create something special and easy to create!