Ladybug Party Games and Activities

lady bug pinataYou’ll want to organize some ladybug-themed activities for the party, so here are some adaptations of popular party games that fit the theme and are lots of fun!

Flying ladybug toss
This is a variation of a beanbag toss game, with “ladybugs” instead of beanbags. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can make a few round beanbags out of red fabric, and draw black dots on them with a fabric marker. However, you can find Beanie Baby ladybugs or bean bags. Next, cut out some large green leaf-shapes from 11” x 17 paper, and arrange them on the floor. Have the children stand a few feet away from the leaves and try to toss a ladybug onto each leaf. You can mark numbers on the leaves to show how many points each leaf represents, with the furthest leaves offering the most points.

Pin the spots on the ladybug
For this simple game, you will need to cut a large red circle (17” x 17”) out of construction paper or posterboard. Draw a line down the center, and color in the ladybug’s black face. Add a couple of stick-on googly eyes, and tape the ladybug to the wall. Cut some two-inch circles out of black construction paper, and affix some double-sided tape to the back of each circle. When you’re ready to start the game, line the girls up at least 15 feet away, spin them a few times to mix them up, and have them try to pin their dots on the ladybug.

Ladybug hide-and-seek
Before the party, hide chocolate, foil-wrapped ladybugs around the party room. When you’re ready to begin the game, give each girl a small red bag and send everyone off to seek for hidden ladybugs!

Musical leaves
Cut big green leaves out of construction paper or cardstock, and arrange them on the floor in a circle. Play a game of “musical chairs” where the girls walk around the outside of the circle and try to sit down on a leaf when the music stops. Instead of walking normally, tell them they need to make a buzzing sound and flap their “wings.”

Ladybug Pinata
Finally, no good party is complete without a Pinata. You can purchase Lady Bug pinata’s that are perfect for most parties. Simply have all the kids stand at a safe distance away and let the birthday girl (or boy) go first. Give him/her a bat or large stick, spin them around 3 times and let them hit the hanging pinata. After a few good wacks let the other kids take their turn.

Have you hosted a Ladybug party? What games did you play? Let us know in the comments below.