Ladybug Party Favors

ladybug party favorsFor a quick and easy way to put together great party favors for the little guests, look no further than Celebrate Express, where you can order “Oh So Sweet” ladybug gift box kits. Each kit contains a ladybug box and lots of little treasures to fill it up with, including a ladybug-decorated notepad, sticker sheet, blowout and bracelets, plus a plush ladybug beanbag toy and a box of four crayons.

Homemade Lady Bug Party Favors
You can also make your own stunning ladybug gift bags. Pick up small-sized, plain red gift bags from the dollar store, and cut out red cardstock circles that are big enough to extend beyond the sides of the bags. Decorate the red circles to look like ladybugs, with a black line down the middle, black spots, a round black face and googly eyes. Glue a ladybug cut-out to the front and back of each gift bag. These bags will look very pretty all lined up in a row on the party table.

ladybug party favorsFill the bags with dollar-store finds and homemade items:

  • Mylar bags of homemade ladybug cookies (round butter cookies frosted with red and black icing)
  • Bags of red and black jellybeans or other candy
  • Homemade ladybug keepsake bracelets (red and black beads strung on elastic, with a little silver-tone ladybug charm.
  • Any ladybug-themed stickers, toys, etc. you can find at the dollar store. Check Celebrate Express for inexpensive and unique items
  • Any generic party items (bubble-blowers, yo-yos, etc.) that are red and can be covered in ladybug stickers.

Ladybug gardens
For an unusual and charming favor gift, give each guest a ladybug garden. Purchase small (four or five-inch) gardening pots, and paint them red with black spots using acrylic paint. Or leave them plain and tie red ribbon with black dots around the rims. Fill the pots with fresh earth from the garden store, along with a selection of small, pretty and inexpensive indoor plants and flower. Paint an assortment of river rocks to look like ladybugs, using black and red acrylic paint (and a little white for their eyes), and arrange two or three ladybugs in each flowerpot garden. You can also hot-glue the ladybugs to wooden skewers and stick a couple of skewers in each pot. This also makes a terrific Lady bug Party activity for the little ones at the birthday party!