Pokemon Party Invitations

pokemon party invitationsThe invitations should not only tell the party guests the details of the party but also the theme of the party. Therefore, you want to be sure that you have Pokemon themed party invitations for all the guests. If you want to order premade invitations at a reasonable cost, Celebrate Express has a great invitation/thank-you card combination pack. Another pre-made option is a classic Pikachu birthday invitation which features the always loveable Pikachu as the front of the card!

Homemade Pokemon Invitations
Homemade invitations are a great way to get creative and save money. Here are a few ideas to create terrific looking homemade invitations that will peak all the kids interests!

Pokemon Puzzle Homemade Invitation
A great homemade invitation can be created with pokemon trading cards, card-stock paper and a knife. Simply purchase some Pokémon trading cards and glue 1 card to a piece of card-stock paper. On the back of the card-stock paper write the following message:
Join us for a Pokémon Party and include the details of the party.
Then cut the cards with an X-acto knife into various pieces to make a puzzle. Put the puzzle pieces in to an envelope marked:
Assemble This Puzzle for A Pokémon Party!

Pokemon Master Photo Card
Another idea for a home made invitation is to take a picture of the birthday boy or girl. Cut out their faces and place them on the face of a printed out picture of Ash Ketchum. Put Pokémon stickers all over the rest of a 4 x 6 card. On the inside say, “Come join ______ (birthday child) and see if YOU can become a Pokémon Master” with details of the party.

Pokemon Ticket Invitations
Finally, a great Pokemon invitation is using a VIP ticket format. You can buy pre-made, personalized ticket invitations that are specific to the Pokemon theme. The tickets are printed on full-color card-stock paper and look fantastic. We have the following Pokemon VIP ticket style invitations below.
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