Pokemon Party Decorations

pokemon party decorations mylar foil balloons The decorations at your party should set the mood and bring excitement in the air. Luckily, with a Pokemon party the decorations are rather easy as there’s so many different colors, characters and merchandise.

Start with Color
It’s all about the colors with a Pokémon party! The “classic” Pokémon colors are red, yellow and blue. Cluster of balloons in these colors hanging from the ceiling look great. Add in some colored streamers of the same colors and you’re good to go! Another popular color combination is the red, while and black combination. Again, balloon clusters are great since they simulate the Poke balls used to catch Pokémon. You can also add a Pokemon Mylar balloon or two as kids love seeing these printed balloons!

Decorate the Walls
Next you can decorate the walls with Pokemon decorations. It’s easy to find Pokémon posters to fill up the rest of the room. Another option is to use Pokemon Wall decals which are removable stickers that are placed on the walls. After the party you can let your child decorate his/her room with the wall decals! Alternatively, you can use Pokémon cards and use double sided tape to put them all over the walls! (This may remove paint from the walls so test the tape on a small area).

Decorate the ceiling
Next you may want to decorate the rest of the room. This can be done with a Pokemon Party banner as described below or with a Pokemon pinata. A pinata is not only a great activity but also makes a terrific decoration and adds suspense on when the kids will get to break the pinata!

Pokemon Party Banner
A great decoration at any Pokemon party is a party banner as it can be personalized, show the theme and kids love seeing their name in huge letters! You can create a homemade party banner . You can also purchase a personalized Pokemon party banner in three different themes as shown below. Simply click on one of the banner to see more details.

All the Pokemon Characters
pokemon party banner

Kids Pokemon Banner featuring: Turtwig, Piplup and Chimchar
pokemon party banner

Kids Pokemon Banner featuring: Palkia and Dalkia
pokemon party banner

Pokemon Tableware
Finally, don’t forget to decorate the Pokemon party food table. You can do this with colorful tablecover, napkins and plates in the same colors as your balloon clusters. Alternatively, you can use a Pokemon Tablecover, Pokemon paper plates, cups and napkins.

If you want all the decorations at a discounted price we recommend a complete Pokemon party pack that has decorations, tableware and more!

Whether you go homemade or premade, don’t forget to add the Pokemon soundtrack. It may seem weird to have to decorate with sound but kids love the soundtrack and will definitely love it at and after the party!