Pokemon Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

pokemon pikachu cakeThe main attraction of most parties, the birthday cake, is a huge hit with all the kids. Of course you can have your local baker whip up a Pokémon cake for your birthday boy or girl, however, that is the most expensive option and there are plenty of other options. Here are a few do-it-yourself Pokemon birthday cakes that are definitely do-able for just about anyone!

Poke Ball Cake: Make a Poke ball cake by using a sphere cake mold. Frost half of the cake in red and half in white. Place a length of black licorice around the cake where the two colors meet. Add a chocolate cookie or black icing to make the button.

Pikachu Cake
If Pikachu is your child’s favorite character then you can make a stunning looking Pikachu with a Pikachu Cake Pan. The Pikachu cake pan is shaped just like Pikachu you simply have to pour the batter into the mold and bake. Once cooled ice with yellow, red, black and white icing and you’ll have an impressive looking Pikachu cake!

Pokémon Image / Trading Card Cake
One cool way of creating a Pokemon image cake is by using laminated Pokemon trading cards. Depending on the size of the cake you’ll need approximately 12-24 trading cards laminated. Each card is 8 3/4 x 6 1/4 centimeters. Simply bake a rectangular cake and ice it with white icing and than lay out the laminated cards on the top of the cake. This works great as all the kids can have a ‘card’ of the cake and keep their Pokemon card! Alternatively, you can buy a Pokemon edible image topper which you simply lay out on the top of the cake.
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Pokemon Cupcakes
Cupcakes are another nice alternative to a cake as each child gets a ‘mini’ Pokemon cake. Here are a few different Pokeman cupcake ideas.

Poke-Ball Cupcakes
Take cupcakes and frost half of the cupcake red and half white. Pipe black frosting where the two colors meet. Add a small junior mint to make the button. This makes a very striking Poke-ball cupcake. Instead of icing both sides you can also ice the cupcake with white icing and then add red-sprinkles to make the red and white.

Official Pokemon Cupcakes
Another Pokemon cupcake options is to use official Pokemon products such as Cupcake toppers or edible image cupcake toppers. Both options make a great looking cupcake and the kids get to keep a small trinket.
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