Pokemon Party Games and Activities

pokemon pinata party
While some of the kids may be huge Pokémon fans, others may not be familiar with the game or series. There are plenty of games that you can play that can be theme related and fun for all kids whether they are familiar with the Pokémon or not! Here are a few ideas to consider making a very entertaining Pokemon party.

Guess the number of Poke balls
A great game to start the party off is a “guess the number of poke-balls game”. Poke balls are what are used to catch wild Pokémon. Put red, white and black round gumballs or rubber balls in a jar (the other color gumballs can be part of their Pokemon party favors!). As guests come in, have them guess how many Poke balls on in the jar. Have slips of paper with a spot for the guest name and their guess. You can give each child who guesses a number a Pokemon mask to keep rack of who’s entered their guess as kids love wearing paper masks! Later in the party, announce the winner and give them a prize – a pack of Pokémon trading cards or Pokemon action figure.

Pokemon Pinata
A fun activity at any kids party is a Pinata. You can buy an officially licensed Pokemon Pinata which has a giant picture of Pikachu on the front. The pinata is a pull-string pinata so it’s super durable so all the kids will get a turn hitting it. When everyone’s had a turn the kids pull a string and get to release all the pinata fillers! Here are a few more Pokemon pinata options to consider.
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Pin the Tail on Pikachu
Pikachu is one of the most known and loved of the Pokémon characters! Have a large picture of Pikachu without his lightening bolt tail. You can either print off an image and have it enlarged at a copy store like Kinko’s or buy a Pokemon poster and use that. Blind fold the guests and spin them around and pin the lightening bolt tail on Pikachu with double sided tape. It’s usually best to have several tails…each with the guests name on them. The guest with the closest tail wins!

Pass The Pokémon
This game is super simple but really gets the kids interacting and moving. Start with a Pokémon Soundtrack and stuffed plush Pokémon. Play the music and pass the stuffed plush Pokémon like Hot Potato. When the music stops, whoever is holding the Pokémon is out. The last person left is the Master Trainer of the game! You can play a few games and in the last game the winner gets to keep the Pokémon.

Pokémon Hunt
This one takes a while, but is well worth it! Split the birthday party in to teams of about 3-4 per team. Each team will have a series of adventures that they must accomplish on their hunt to find their Pokémon. It can be silly things such as: Sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or do 3 somersaults. However, be sure to make the tasks age appropriate. After each task give them a new clue (go to the place where clothes are washed – have the next clue in the washing machine), followed by a new task.

This follows the Pokémon strategic thinking and adventure model. The last clue should be a prize for the entire team. All teams should have a prize at the last clue. The prizes can be simply their Pokemon party favors or an invitation to the snack table. The kids will have a great time on the adventure!

Pokemon Games
Finally, if you the kids are too old for the above games and you don’t want them just playing Pokemon video games than consider a Pokemon Board game. There are plenty of different board games which may be perfect for your party guests.

Remember, kids of this age will have fun playing anything that you organize so have fun with it and enjoy the chaos!