Bakugan Party Invitations

If you want to save your efforts and creativity for the actual party, and you’re looking for something quick and easy for the invitation, you can find official Bakugan invitations here. They’re colorful, inexpensive, and set the theme for the party perfectly. What’s even better about these invitations is that the birthday boy and his friends will absolutely LOVE these invitations.

For a more personalized invitation in the Bakugan theme, you can have cards imprinted with your child’s name and party details at the Personalized Party Invites website.

Homemade Bakugan Battle Brawlers Invitations
Here is a simple craft idea that will result in a very striking, three-dimensional invitation. Pick up a packet of small Styrofoam balls at your local craft store or dollar store (you can also order them online). Paint the balls in different colors: the spherical Bakugan guardians come in every color of the rainbow, so you can choose whichever colors you like. Use a few drops of food coloring gel mixed into Elmer’s glue to paint the balls, and spear them on bamboo skewers to dry overnight. The next day, you can use a black Sharpie marker to draw the details on each Bakugan ball. If your little birthday boy or girl is a Bakugan fan, chances are you’ll have lots of Bakugan balls lying around, and you can use those as a design guide, but you can also find a good picture of each Bakugan attribute symbol on the official site. In general, use simple geometric patterns and wavy lines to add details to the Bakugan balls, and you can also add the attribute symbols listed on the official Bakugan website. When the balls are finished, carefully cut a slit into each one with a sharp knife, and slide a folded birthday invitation into the slit. Have your child deliver a Bakugan ball, each with a secret message about a Birthday Bakugan Brawl, to the invited guests.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers VIP Tickets and Passes
A fun and different party invitation is to create VIP passes for each child. Each VIP passes comes with a badge case, swivel lanyard, envelope & VIP sticker. These are high quality very official looking tickets to an event that kids and parents will love. Check out a few options below.
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Make Your Own Bakugan Party Invitations
Another idea is to create invitations that look like Bakugan cards. Begin by scanning a Bakugan card, front and back, into your home computer. Ideally, the card will feature your child’s favorite Bakugan Brawler hero or heroine. Next, use a simple photo editor or graphics program to turn the Bakugan card into your child’s birthday card. Start by cutting out a photo of your child’s face with the outline tool and place it over the Bakugan Brawler’s face on the card. Then place a text box with the birthday message in the card. Now print out both sides of the card and put them together to form a double-sided card, and laminate it to create a Bakugan birthday card for each guest. If you don’t have a home laminator, you can take your cards to your local copying and printing store and have it done there.

Bakugan Theme Invitation Words
If you’re looking for party text that reflects the Bakugan theme, here’s a sample you can use:

“[Name] Brawler invites his/her friends for a Bakugan Birthday Battle Brawl. Start saving all your G-Power—you’ll need it for the party games!”