Bakugan Party Favors

bakugan party favors boxHere are a range of ideas for party favors that will give each child a wonderful take-home memory. These suggestions range from super-easy to cost-conscious to undeniably indulgent!

Pre-made Bakugan favor boxes (super-easy): If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, you can purchase pre-made favor boxes that just need to be assembled and filled with included toys and treats. This is by FAR the easiest option and sticks to the Bakugan theme. You’ll find pre-made boxes in a Bakugan theme at Celebrate Express here.

Bakugan-themed favor bags (cost-conscious): You can create an inexpensive Bakugan favor bag by purchasing some red, orange or black party bags at a dollar store or craft store. Next, download the Bakugan logo (click on image to the right) and print it out on your computer on adhesive bakugan logolabels. For each favor bag, print out 10 to 20 sheets of colouring sheets from the Printer Kids website and roll them into a scroll. Place the scrolls in the bags, along with a pack of pencil crayons and some Bakugan stickers or temporary tattoos. You can also make your own stickers on your home computer by downloading Bakugan scenes and images and printing them out on adhesive paper. Fill the bags with candies in the Bakugan theme colors of red, black and orange: red and black licorice, orange jelly-beans, etc.

Bakugan-themed favor bags (indulgent): For a show-stopping favor bag, place a Bakugan Starter Pack ($9.99) or a super-cool Bakugan interchangeable LCD watch ($9.99) in each bag. Find official Bakugan treat bags, or pick up gift bags in red, black and orange at the dollar store or party supply store. Contrasting red, black and orange tissue tucked inside would make for a very striking presentation. Fill out the favor bags with lots of bakugan party favors boxlicorice sticks in orange, red and black and other candies in these colors. Other ideas for favor bag contents are: official Bakugan coloring books and stickers ($3.99 each), Bakugan story books ($4.99 each) and Bakugan wall decals ($10.49 for four sheets).

Dragon-themed favor bags (moderate): If the birthday boy or girl loves Bakugan, but not every guest does, these dragon-themed favor bags are a good idea. They fit the Bakugan theme, but will also please kids who may not be familiar with the cartoon. Look for Chinese take-out style boxes, and stencil a dragon on the side of each box (or use Dragon Stickers). You can also do this with ordinary gift bags if you can’t find take-out boxes. Fill the boxes with mini-dragon toys, chocolate dragon lollipops, dragon masks, dragon temporary tattoos and coloring books. Add “fire-breathing” candies like pop-rocks, fizzy candy and Mike and Ike’s Hot Tamales!